13 Fishing Unveils New Reel, Rod

The Editors

 July 5,2017

Popular rod and reel manufacturer has just released its newest creations.

Concept Z

The Concept Z is the world’s first high-performance reel with zero ball bearings.  While reels with “no bearings” have been produced in the past, none are able to deliver high performance casting and accuracy like the Concept Z.  This level of performance is due to 13 Fishing’s high-tech polymer Concept Zero Bearings (CZB) which are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Traditional bearings have moving parts that corrode, break down, and lose their performance edge over time.  CZB technology allows the Concept Z to maintain its peak casting performance because the material experiences no corrosion.  CZB technology is extremely quiet while casting, offering the angler a completely new experience.