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May Fishing Report Kerr – By Jason Houchins


May Fishing Report Kerr
May is here and it finally looks like good weather is here to stay. The bass are definitely behind this year with water temps now holding in the mid-60s in most of the lake, the spawn is in full swing. The first big wave of spawners came in about 2 weeks ago and you should expect another one around the full moon. The new moon just a few days ago brought in more as well, so all 3 phases of the spawn is going on right now. Bass will be caught a bunch of different ways this month, from top water to carolina rigging will produce fish. I say do what you like to do and most likely it will produce fish.
As long as you got water in the bushes I would pick apart the shallows with creature baits, top water, and spinnerbaits. As the water gets pulled out pick up a swim bait or football head jig to as they migrate towards deeper water. Look for bass to still be spawning throughout this month, especially this year. You will have some fish on the beds at the very end of this month considering the late start. This is also the month when you want to start looking for spawning shad, especially early in the morning. These fish will gorge on shad before and after the spawn, so hang around some shallow rock early and late in the day. Also pay attention to the wind and keep a spinnerbait close by.
Quite a few fish have already spawned in the upper portion of the lake, say from Rudd’s to the rivers. The lower section has just really started having a bunch of activity within the last few weeks with fish reluctant to move up earlier this year. Keep an eye on the water levels as well, last week’s dropping water level exposed several fish that were on beds. You would have never been able to see them normally but the water levels rapid drop, they were easily seen. That was more bedding bass than I have seen in many years on Kerr. It’s nice to see that many fish on this lake in one area.
May is a super time to fish on this lake regardless of which part of the lake you like to fish. This year Kerr seems to be on an upswing with size and numbers. You should come on out I do what you like doing this month, chances are you will catch them.

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