First Look: Impulse Zell Rowland Topwater Rod by Terry Brown – October 7,2016


First Look: Impulse Zell Rowland Topwater Rod

Terry Brown

October 7,2016

Terry has been using this rod while fishing topwater plugs this year and has really enjoyed several of its design aspects.

Zell Rowland is the master of the Pop R. He paints, tweaks, rubs and changes it to fit his style and between he and a few of his buddies like Gary Klein and Rick Clunn brought that bait back from obscurity.

In the early days Rowland was with All-Star and between his topwater rod and a flipping stick, he was able to stay on top of the leader board more often than not. He had a specific topwater rod developed that allowed the conical-shaped spitter to be cast better and because it had a slow taper, it allowed hooked fish to stay buttoned up much better. When he left All-Star he began the test of finding another rod of similar action.

That’s where the Impulse Zell Rowland Topwater Rod was born.


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