Twenty Nine boats competed in the first ever Fish Tales classic on Lake Anna Virginia. Congratulations goes out to the team of Larry Wollersheim & Preston Cox with their five fish weighing 16.86 Pounds.

1st- Larry Wollersheim/Preston Cox 16.86 Pounds
2nd- Neville Green/Warren Kuser 13.64 Pounds
3rd- Wayne “Uncle Jesse” Holder/Mike Wagner 12.70 Pounds
4th- Chuck Melvin/Brent Williams 11.16 Pounds
5th- Mike Wood 10.48 Pounds
6th- James Maupin/Guy Maupin 10.27 Pounds
7th- Aaron Ball/Tony Barrix Jr 9.02 Pounds
8th- Tim Garner/Martin Villa 8.76 Pounds
9th- Jamie Shifflett/Junior Wright 8.67 Pounds
10th- Gene Hall/Tim Moran Jr 8.41 Pounds
Big Fish- Wayne “Uncle Jesse” Holder/Mike Wagner 6.11 Pounds