First Look: Yamamoto Zako Swimbait

Jason Sealock
January 3,2017

A new unique swimbait/vibrating jig trailer from Yamamoto Custom Baits.

Fishing lures and anglers sometimes become synonymous. Jimmy Houston and the spinnerbait. Zell Rowland the popper. Denny Brauer flipping a jig. For a while Bryan Thrift was tied to the Chatterbait. Now it seems that more people think of Brett Hite when they think of vibrating jigs, as he’s won so many events on them now. Hite recently got together with Yamamoto Baits to create the Zako swimbait for his major fishing prowess — fishing grass with vibrating jigs.

The Yamamoto Zako is not a typical swimbait, but it was designed specifically by Hite to be the perfect vibrating jig trailer, at one of the most proven forage sizes of 4 inches. I got some early samples in June of 2016 and caught several big bass on vibrating jigs with the Zako as a trailer. So, I thought I would share my thoughts with those interested in this new offering from Yamamoto Custom Baits.