Bring Paddle-Tail Bass Fishing Swimbaits Back to Life

Luke Stoner

January 12,2017

When the boot tail of a soft swimbait is damaged, the action will be hindered significantly. This trick will help you fix this common issue and save some money over time.

Paddle-tail swimbaits are proven bass fishing lures throughout the entire year and even more so when fish become sluggish. Whether you thread your swimmer on a single jighead, use it on an underspin or pair it with several others on an umbrella rig, these baits flat-out catch ‘em.

But not all paddle-tail swimbaits are created equal; not even separate swimmers pulled from the same package. You’ll often have a package of five swimbaits and four are excellent while one swimbait’s boot-tail has been bent or otherwise compromised.

Lure modification aficionado Terry Scroggins has figured out a quick and easy remedy to this issue.