World Record Spotted Bass Catch Updates

Jason Sealock

March 13,2017

More details, videos and pictures coming out about world record spotted bass caught in California.

UPDATED INFORMATION: March 12, 2017 (More Pictures Below)

Some additional details came in over the weekend for the pending world record spotted bass. The IGFA has certified Nick Dulleck’s scale that was used to weigh the pending world record spotted bass. His application, video documentation and equipment are still under review with the IGFA, but they have shared his catch on their instagram page which would insinuate this record could likely be certified.

Also Dulleck has released the world record bass was not caught on a drop shot or wacky rigged plastic like many assumed but rather on a Dirty Jigs Finesse Football jig with a Yamamoto Double Tail trailer. Pictured here are a couple of Dulleck’s favorited pairings for bass fishing from Dirty Jigs and Yamamoto, although he’s reluctant to give up the exact color for which the record spot fell for obvious reasons.