Adapting to Weather Fronts During the Spawn By Alan McGuckin April 6,2017

Photo by Alan McGuckin

Adapting to Weather Fronts During the Spawn

Alan McGuckin

April 6,2017

Legendary sight fisherman Shaw Grigsby shares three tips that will help you combat abrupt weather changes when fishing for spawning bass.

It’d be difficult to dispute that any angler in the history of pro fishing has cashed more paychecks from catching spawning bass than Shaw Grigsby. He’s won nine B.A.S.S. events and nearly all of those victories were related to sight fishing for fat spawners.

So perhaps it’s the confidence derived from 30 years of sight fishing success that found him unrattled to begin the Elite Series event on Toledo Bend—despite weather that shifted from light winds and warm sunshine during practice—to a break-out-the-jackets cold front with temps in the 40s at the start of competition.

If a 25-degree dip in temperature wasn’t enough to rattle the nerves of less experienced anglers, how about the raging northwest winds that had been blowing during the night to muddy-up the shallow waters Shaw may have planned on fishing?

Still, no worries. Grigsby’s got a plan. And we can all learn something from it.