Due to us cutting it back to only fishing three events in 2018 the list has grown so what I have done is posted a iist of all of the anglers that made the classic if your name is listed this is for you and you ORIGINAL Partner ONLY.

We are paying out $1,000 for 1st & $500.00 for Second

We are also doing a side pot of $50.00 per boat but not mandatory

Big fish of $20.00 is still optional

We will be announcing at our Classic 

Lunker of the Year Winners, who get $110.00 in Certificates each

Plus The Lunker Winners at the Classic will Take home $90.00 in Certificates

If you have Any questions please email me or message me on Facebook.


Aaron Scott

Ben & Brandon reynolds

Chad Green & Johnny MArtin

Chad & Elliot Pilson

Chris Atkins

Jeff & Clay Ross

Hunter Weikle

Joey & Kevin Dawson

Matt Atkins

Mike Nichols SR & Mark Winn

Randy Smith

Robert Barton

Brian Calloway & Willam Hubbard

Brian Myers

Bryan Humphries

Craig Blankenship

David Goins

Ian McRoy

Jeff Newman

Jeffery A Davis JR

Jimmey Blankenship

Maurice Oaks

Nelson Troyer

Steve Roberts

Steve Woodroof

Tonny Morgan

William Johnson

Toby Peters & Mike Bozeman




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