**The following list is based on the opinions of the Bass Cast.com**

Top 25 from FLW, VA CATTs, Bass & The Basscast Tournament Trail In the 2020 list we added teams as well

Cody Pike

Jack Dice

Todd Langford

Martin Villa

James Maupin

Derik Hudson

David Dudley

Chris Daves 

Keith Estes

Jacob Powroznik

Chris Brummette  

Brian Elrod 

Lee Neighbors/Nathan Reeves

Mike Nichols/Mark Winn

Aaron Scott/Conner Hardy

Ray Hogge/Donnie Daniel

David Bivens/Clay Lewis

Marshall Johnson/Ryan Lachniet

Roger Walters/Renee Walters

Tyler Trent/Ricky Trent

Dennie Gilbert/Charlie Reed

John Doyle/Taylor McCann

Joey Dawson/Kevin Dawson

Rick Tilley Jr/Rick Tilley Sr

Billy Kohls/Will Petty


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