November Smith Mountain Lake Fishing Report by Captain Chad Green


By: Captain Chad Green


Fall can offer some great fishing. As the leaves change so do the fish. Time to enjoy great weather and relaxing days on the water. Get out on the water when you can and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. Practice catch and release as much as possible to preserve our great fisheries out there. As always, just make one more Last Cast as it could be the next trophy fish.
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Largemouth Bass/Smallmouth Bass
Mid Fall the bass tend to be scattered out and a lot of different patterns can be productive. Overcast/Rainy or windy days can be exceptional in the fall especially with North or Northwest winds. Look for rocky points, docks, shoals, humps and long points. Mornings can be a great time to find schooling fish on topwater baits in larger tributaries. Look for bait to start moving further into the tributaries this month with an abundance of different types and sizes of bait and they all can be in different water depths. With the clear water the bait and bass can be harder to locate as with clear water its harder for bait to find food that they feed on and the fish could tend to be deeper than normal. November offers a variety of lures and tactics to target bass topwater lures, jigs, shakey head, drop shots, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and Carolina rigs. November the bigger smallmouth bass will start to show themselves again and a great time to catch a trophy. Depths of water would be most productive in’ throughout 5-15 ft through most of the month. As the shorter days and cooler nights approach fishing will be on a fast-paced change and varies daily due to weather. TIP: Pick the coldest days to go.

Striped Bass
Look for stripers to begin to migrate up the river arms of the lake this month and will be harder to find due to the clearer water we have right now. They will follow schools of baitfish around as they start their migration upstream as the water cools surface feeding fish will be very common for the next 2 months as the thermocline starts mix. They can be found in the mouths of larger pockets and larger tributaries following bait around. Depths of 10-30’ should be a good location to look for schools along with baitfish presence. Bait rods in the pulled on planer boards around the bank will soon be productive as well.

November crappie fishing tends to slow a little but they will start to move towards their fall locations before long but can still be found in brushpiles and trees located in 10-25’ of water. Small jigs and minnows will always be the baits of choice

Tournaments November
BassCast Nov 5th
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Catt Trail Nov 20th Special Thanks to Brian Carter at the