7 Must-Have Wintertime Bass Baits

Bass fishing in the wintertime can be a challenge. Water temperatures drop, and bass become lethargic, making them more difficult to catch. However, with the right baits, you can still successfully fish for bass during the winter months. Here are 7 must-have bass baits for wintertime fishing:

1. Crankbaits – Crankbaits work well in the winter because bass tend to congregate in deeper water and move slower than during other times of the year. Crankbaits can be used to target bass suspended at different depths, making them versatile wintertime bass lures.

In particular, lipless crankbaits like the Berkley Warpig are the weapon of choice for many seasoned anglers. They can be fished in various ways, such as casting and retrieving, yo-yo-ing, or slowly hopping them over the bottom.

2. Spinnerbaits – Spinnerbaits are known for their effectiveness during the colder months since bass will often hold tight to cover like wood and rocks. The combination of vibration, color, and flash created by spinnerbait blades often entices bass to strike. Spinnerbaits are effective in clear, stained, and muddy water, so it’s well-suited for a variety of wintertime conditions. Booyah Spinnerbaits are some of the best on the market and come in a variety of sizes and colors so that you can match the hatch in almost any situation.

Jigs – Jigs are excellent bass bait for the winter because they can be fished slowly and accurately to target bass in specific areas. They can trigger strikes from bass that have become inactive due to cold weather. Focus on presenting jigs around structure, such as ledges, channel swings, points, and bridge pilings. Football head jigs are one of the most popular styles for wintertime bass fishing.

4. Jerkbaits – Jerkbaits are great for winter bass fishing because they have a tight, erratic action that bass cannot resist. This can be especially effective when bass are suspended in the water column, as the jerkbait often entices bass to strike. Jerkbaits are designed to mimic baitfish, and bass often strike at them out of aggression or as a feeding response. Jerkbaits come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can fine-tune your presentation depending on the conditions. Megabass is the choice of pros. You can check out their line of jerkbaits here.

5. Drop Shot Rigs – Drop shot rigs are a staple for most wintertime fishing enthusiasts, and for a good reason. Drop shotting is one of the most effective means of eliciting bites from finicky bass when the bite gets tough. One of the most significant advantages of targeting bass with a drop shot is the ability to focus on a specific area slowly and methodically. Drop shot rigs can be used to target bass in deep water and are especially effective when bass are holding tight to cover. Soft plastics like finesse worms and minnow or crawfish imitators are the best options for a drop shot rig.

6. Soft Plastics – Soft plastics are the perfect all-purpose bass bait that can be used in both cold and warm weather conditions. In the wintertime, bass will often hold tight to cover, so soft plastics are effective for targetting bass around wood, rocks, and grass. Stick baits, worms, tubes, and other soft plastics can be used to entice bass in cold weather situations. Slowing down is the name of the game for lethargic, cold-water bass. Discount Tackle is a great resource for all of your soft plastic needs.

7. Small Swimbait – A finesse-style swimbait like Keitech’s Paddle Tail variation is an all-around bass bait that can be used any time of year but are particularly effective in cold water. Small swimbaits can be fished in deeper water during the wintertime when bass are suspended and inactive. Swimming action combined with realistic colors makes small swimbaits effective wintertime bass lures.

With these 7 bass baits in your arsenal, you’ll have the best chance of catching fish this winter. With the right combination of presentation and technique, you’ll be able to target bass in a wide variety of wintertime bass fishing scenarios. So keep these must-have bass baits in mind when bass fishing during the colder months, and you’re sure to have success.

So, bundle up, get out on the water, and tight lines!