Welcome 2023! As we look forward to a new year filled with great hopes and dreams, we close the book on a year that for some was a year to remember and others, a year to forget. But while we may want to forget, it is really just being ready for 2023 and changes.

So far, the new year is starting off great. Fishing shows are on the horizon and it looks like the weather will be good as well. And that means talking to friends and fellow anglers while searching for tips and tricks to make the new year great. The Richmond Fishing Expo is always my favorite and since we didn’t have it last year, I am extra excited. Hopefully I will find some great deals as well.

And the fishing tournaments are starting up soon too. The Bassmaster Elites will be in Florida later this month and that also means Fantasy Fishing is starting up again. Hopefully you will join the BassCast League and see if you can beat me. MLF will also be starting up, and with the changes, it should be very interesting.

And the the granddaddy of them all, the Bassmaster Classic will be in Knoxville, Tennessee in March. It is always an exciting time and promises to be another awesome event. For me, I get to experience so much there, from anglers, to fans, to all the amazing companies who set up booths at the EXPO. If you have never been, it really is something you need to try and experience once. I can’t wait to see old friends there and make new ones.

And then there is the new baits that are hitting the market for 2023. Some made their debut at ICAST last year and some came out to end the year while others will be here at the Classic. For me personally, it is the new Missile Baits and SPRO baits. I have been using Missile Baits for years now with some impressive catches and 2023 is my first year of being on The Bomb Squad, representing them. I have already loaded up on the basics, the D Bomb, the 48, the D Stroyer, and the Magic Worm during 2022. But the exciting part is the new additions to their line-up. The Mini D Chunk, the Spunk Shad, and the Chunky D. And there will be more still.
I made the decision to really work on my jig fishing this year. I have always used them, but just not like I should. And I have caught some really nice bass on them, up to 6 pounds, but I just didn’t throw them enough. And with the great selection of Missile Jigs, I know I will become a jigging fool in no time. Look out bass, here I come.

SPRO has a lot of new baits out this year as well. The one I am most excited about is the SPRO McStick 110+1. It has a totally different bill and dives 9-12 feet. It has a much better hunting action and should be a huge factor this year in so many tournaments.
And 2023 is the year of friends and family. For me, that is the most important thing. My grandson will be 9 this year, and he loves to go fishing with me. Last year we had a few big adventures, but this year I plan on many more. He will get out in the cold, but he doesn’t enjoy it as much. A lot of people just don’t like cold weather fishing. And I have some amazing friends that we plan on having more adventures this year. Tiffany Risch and I have been fishing together for a long time now and we have some exciting adventures planned this year. And then there is Jacob Stephens who I got to meet through The BassCast. He is one of those truly great friends too. I’ve fished some tournaments with him and shared many great adventures with him. And 2023 will be even better. And Tiffany, Jacob, and I have some great adventures planned for this year. When we get together, it is nothing but fun. And we even catch fish too. And I can’t forget Brian Carter, the man that makes all this happen. Thank you my brother.

And then there is my writing. I have been writing a weekly fishing column for the local small town paper, and that will continue. I do my best to get the youth off the computers and out into nature. And then there is here at The BassCast. I try my best to share the knowledge I have learned with you. From the beginner to the more advanced. I know fishing, but I am constantly learning new things. I do not know everything, and I know I never will. I am no different than anyone else. But I am lucky enough to be able to talk to anglers who know more and share that with you. I hope to be able to share a lot of great information with you this year and help you improve with me.

Where will we go in 2023? What great adventures await us? What are you looking forward to this year? What would you like to read about from me? The new year holds great promise for each of us. It is up to each of us to make the most of the opportunities presented to us. The day is yours, it is up to you to make it great. Let’s do this!