Larry Blanks and James Graves Win CATT Lake Anna, Va Mar 26, 2023


Next and last 2023 Spring Lake Anna Qualifier is April 8th! Last chance to make the Final!

March 26th Results for Anna with a New Record of 36 Boats! Paid out $4370.00

1st – Larry Blanks and James Graves with 23.07 worth $1500 anchored by 1st BF @ 8.13 adding $252 for a total of $1752

2nd – Matt Ketchum and Jimmy Ashley with 20.17 worth $710.00

3rd – Jack Iden and Hunter Iden with 19.00 worth $410.00

4th – Mike Hurdle and Shawn Britton with 18.70 worth $310.00 They was out side pot winners as well adding an additional $575

5th – Buck Covington and Jessepth Hughes with 17.24 worth $225 anchored by 2nd BF @ 6.00 adding $108 for a total of $333

6th – Matt Martin and Josh Hall with 16.51 worth $155

7th – Todd Langford and Will Brown with 16.06 worth $125

Congrats to our winners!

Larry Blanks – James Graves8.1323.07$1,752.00110
Jimmy Ashley – Matt Ketchum0.0020.17$710.00109
Jack Iden  – Hunter Iden0.0019.00$410.00108
Mike Hurdle – Shawn Britton0.0018.70$885.00107
Buck Covington – Jessepth Hughes6.0017.24$333.00106
Matt Martin – Josh Hall0.0016.51$155.00105
Todd Langford – Will Brown0.0016.06$125.00104
Jacob Floyd – Matt Clark0.0015.55103
Keith Lupo – Josh Reid0.0015.45102
Wesley Olinger – Elijiah Collins0.0014.35101
Nathan Sullivan – Eric Johnson0.0013.96100
Eric Nelson – Rob Grike0.0012.6999
Brian Green – Chris Armstrong0.0012.4498
Carl Weigand – Ryan Glasshoff0.0012.2797
Wayne Dorman – Davis Munoz0.0012.1696
Jared Williams – Chaz Carring ton0.0012.1495
Clay Gatewood – Jeff Parrsih0.0011.4494
Dennis Middleton – Jared Middleton0.0010.9593
Matt Seale – Bill Deeds0.0010.4892
Bill Powers – Dave Mossberg0.0010.1091
JR Hillyard – Rick Brannon0.009.6990
Jesse Forrester – Anthony Bowie0.009.1089
Glen Vico – Costas Melendez0.007.7088
Josh Mullins – Jonathan Mullins0.007.4387
Bryon Evans – Billy Evans0.005.9286
Tim O’Connor – Timothy O’Connor0.005.3685
Chris Jones – Tom Toews0.000.0075
Roy Lee Dodson – John Doyle0.000.0075
Larry Wollershiem – Preston Cox0.000.0075
Jeff Mineo –0.000.0075
Dean Perrin – Trey Perrin0.000.0075
Jeff Jones0.000.0075
Scott Taylor – Gene Hall0.000.0075
Mike Webster – Mike Wandle0.000.0075
Scott Conners – Troy Perry0.000.0075
Wil Vickery – Dee Kidd0.000.0075
Total Entrys$4,320.00
BONUS $$575.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,370.00
Anna Spring 2022 Final Fund$400.00
2023 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$75.00
2023 Anna Spring Final Fund Total$1,170.00

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