Nathan Burgess & Brent Riley Win CATT Phantom Outdoors Open Santee Cooper, SC May 6, 2023


We wrapped up the 2023 Phantom Outdoors Open on Santee Cooper this past weekend with 72 teams entered! We will schedule the 2024 Phantom Outdoors Open at Santee Cooper either in April or March! Stay tuned! Tap on the Phantom Outdoors Logo and start shopping!

We had a great crowd at the weigh in as we always do at Santee Cooper!

Nathan Burgess & Brent Riley took Top Honors with 5 bass weighing 26.46 lbs! Nathan & Brent left John C Land with $13,200.00!

Craig McFadden & Mike Watson earned 2nd Place with 5 bass weighing 26.43 lbs! They collected $4.050.00!

Casey Stevens & Ronnie McCoy 3rd Place with 25.08 lbs! $ 2,100.00!

Brent Henderson & Hayward McLeod took 4th Place with 24.52 lbs and weighed the 2nd BF at 7.73 lbs! Total earnings $1,825.00!

Steve Harmon & Bryan Cook 5th Place with 24.04 lbs! $700.00!

Bennett Lawshe – Jeremy Hewitt 6th Place 22.41 lbs! Total earnings $500.00!

7th Place Billy Willis & Glenn Porter 22.28 lbs! Total earnings $400.00!

Dean Benfield & Donnie Maiers weighed 22.18 lbs good enough for 8th and weighed the 1st Academy BF at 8.28 lbs! Total earnings $825.00!

Mark Barnes & Justin Cromer 9th Place 22.11 lbs! Total earnings $250.00!

Brent Riley – Nathan Burgess6.0726.46$13,200.00
Craig McFadden – Mike Watson0.0026.43$4,050.00
Ronnie McCoy – Casey Stevens7.1525.08$2,100.00
Heyward McLeod – Brent Henderson7.7324.52$1,825.00
Bryan Cook – Steve Harmon0.0024.04$700.00
Bennett Lawshe – Jeremy Hewitt7.3022.41$500.00
Billy Willis – Glen Porter6.2522.28$400.00
Dean Benfield – Donnie Maiers 8.2822.18$825.00
Justin Cromer – Mark Barnes0.0022.11$250.00
Perry Holloway – Danny Lowery0.0020.25$200.00
Sean Skey – Jeff Fralick7.2320.15
Don Pendarvis – Bobby Gibbs5.7720.04
Robbie Richbourg – Ed Paul0.0019.41
Horace Lee Scott Jr – Horace Scott Sr0.0018.69
Chad Ardis – Bud Bowman6.6718.20
Fredddie Gibbs – Clark Gibbs0.0017.95
Micheal Craven – Randy Gibson6.0617.91
Micah Bennett – Jason Gordon0.0016.91
Mason Miles – Andrew McLeod0.0016.37
Keith Brown – Todd Brown0.0016.15
Nathan Griffith – Jared Griffith0.0016.10
Todd  Smith – Ace Rhodus0.0015.41
Jason Miles – Jason Barrett0.0015.21
Dwayne Reine6.4715.15
Brent Waynick – Emmett McCauley0.0014.98
Mack Altman – Randall Miller6.0214.72
Tory McCallum – Creighton McCallum0.0014.57
David Murdaugh – Dave Murdock0.0013.94
Devyn Stinson – Colton Fitzpatrick0.0013.94
Kevin Hardee – Justin Lifsey0.0012.97
Mark Hutson – Michael Hutson7.3812.81
Max Terry – Jamie Glascock0.0012.73
Patrick cook – Nick Gant0.0012.37
Steven Walker – Walter Capps6.9612.28
Steve Thomas – Donovan Strong0.0012.00
Bunn Tyson – Thad Driggers5.1811.89
Zachary Clayton – Chad Parker5.339.45
David Quandt – Mike Phipps0.009.42
Dan Darby – Cody Russell0.009.04
Gabe Hopkins – Cal Jordan0.007.35
Kenneth Clark – Mark Morris6.196.19
Steven Felder – Justin Taylor0.005.60
William Griffith – Bill Foxworth5.475.47
Brian Scott – Brad Beatson3.993.99
Jason Smith – Shane Thomas0.003.20
Jim Weldon – Reid Weldon0.001.85
Brett Mitchell – Jerry Montjoy0.000.00
Tony Floyd – Marty Youmans0.000.00
Dale Player – Johnny Player0.000.00
Calvin Marchant – BJ Revell0.000.00
Rusty Bullard0.000.00
Keith Britt – Chad Crosby0.000.00
Will Timmons – Bugzy Terry0.000.00
Trez Wienges – Traywick Birchmore0.000.00
Tristen Snell – Adam Smith0.000.00
Wayne Crosby0.000.00
Trey Locklair – Donnie Levister0.000.00
Scott Spittle – Brandon Spittle0.000.00
Michael Fitzpatrick – Chris Davis0.000.00
Shawn Benton – Wyatt Pope0.000.00
Trey Dotson0.000.00
David Goshorn0.000.00
Wyatt Simms – Landon Powell0.000.00
Greg Sigmon0.000.00
Hunter Hoffmeyer0.000.00
Wayne Frierson – Ken Ellis0.000.00
Jared Thompson – Wayne Gainey0.000.00
John Johnston – David Malin0.000.00
Trye Cribb – Dylan McCall0.000.00
Wade Grooms0.000.00
Victor Moore – Bucky Clarke0.000.00
Bucky DeBerry0.000.00