Bud Whitt & Spencer Moody Win CATT Old North Falls Lake, NC May 7, 2023


Next up for the Old North CATT Trail is May 13th at Jordan Lake launching from Farrington Point!

We are a few weeks away from the 2023 CATT Academy Championship on Kerr Lake May 20-21! $10,000 GUARANTEED to 1st Place but your winnings can be a lot more! 2020 Winners took home $24,000.00! 2021 Winners took home $17,00.00! 2022 Winners took home $29,000.00! Tap on the link to view details!

2023 CATT Academy Championship – Carolina Anglers Team Trail (cattteamtrail.com)

Bud Whitt & Spencer Moody took 1st Place at Falls Lake with 5 bass weighing 24.02 lbs! They collected $2,895.00!

Steven Lasher & Chad Fara 2nd with 22.30 lbs! $1,635.00!

Kevin Cheatham & Johnny Wilder 3rd with 22.20 lbs! $750.00!

Billy Bledsoe & Brian McDonald 4th with 20.20 amd the 1st Academy BF at 7.364 lbs! $715.00!

Jesse Wise & Jon Russell Wise with 19.20 lbs 5th Place!

Bud Whitt – Spencer Moody5.7124.02$2,895.00110
Chad Fara – Steven Lasher7.5022.30$1,635.00109
Kevin Cheatham – Johnny Wilder6.2322.20$750.00108
Billy Bledsoe – Brian McDonald 7.6420.20$715.00107
Jesse Wise – Jon Russell4.7919.20$300.00106
Dennis Reedy – Scott Smith6.2119.16$225.00105
Doug Stallings – Seth Ellis6.0619.10$200.00104
Jerry Marshburn – Chuck Byrd7.0617.83$160.00103
Craig Leff – Thomas Sheffer4.8217.20$140.00102
Bo Adams – Todd Massey4.3216.98101
Will Howard – Matthew Goheen4.9216.77100
Dane Butler – Derrick Wright4.7216.0199
Randy Robson – Brian Robson0.0015.2398
Dennis Allen – Keith Allen0.0014.2397
Billy West – Curtis Vaughn0.0014.1696
Joe Osbourne – John Piltcher4.7413.8795
Mike Marchant – Bradley McLaurin0.0013.5694
Preston Jacobs – Adam Bessette0.0013.4093
Chris McDuffie – Greg Creech0.0013.2592
Todd Sumner – Rich Z4.3113.2091
Eric Schell – Todd Smith5.8313.1390
Scott Canady – Jeremie Moore0.0013.0889
Mike & Jonathan Rhew3.7313.0788
Bryan Postma – Todd Postma0.0012.3187
Timmy Ferrell – Howard Bohannon0.0012.2386
Jeff Beasley – Park Beasley4.1012.2085
Tim Goad – Vince Nettles0.0012.1584
Clay Ausely-  Ken McNeil0.0011.5683
David Farmer – Matt Deese0.0011.5682
Lucas Lobaugh – Jeremy Moody4.8911.2281
Justin Rhew – Roger Clary6.2310.6980
Tony Stanley – Chase Stanley0.0010.4979
Mike Salquero – Dale Delaney0.009.4578
Eric Christian – Matt Harrison0.008.4677
Shannon Stewart – Travis Watson0.008.2076
Jerry Dean – Robert Dean0.007.7675
David Hall – Chris Wagner0.006.9174
Roby Wyatt – Mike Prytula0.005.5973
Don Sheets – Kevin Stowell0.001.9872
John McClelland – Larry Godfrey0.000.0062
Scott Woodson – Todd Staker0.000.0062
James Wall – Michael Alverson0.000.0062
Mike Harris0.000.0062
Chad Craven – Ben Cannon0.000.0062
Jonathan Holloway – Britton O’quin0.000.0062
Mark Herndon – Bobby Houser0.000.0062
Total Entrys$6,300.00
BONUS $$1,600.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,020.00
Old North 2023 Spring Final Fund$780.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$3,950.00

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