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Safu Rana Wins CATT Potomac River, VA May 28, 2023


Next up is the Potomac River Spring Final June 17th at Hope Spring Marina! We have 56 teams eligible to enter! To view the Potomac River Spring Points, go to the Potomac River Division page and scroll all the way down!

2023 Spring Potomac CATT Season Points CHAMPIONS

Congratulations David Hooker & Kenny Henderson !!! 406 Total Season Points

David & Kenny will fish our Championship tournament for free on Saturday, June 17th and will be positioned as Boat #1

David & Kenny will also receive a $100 LEW’S gift card!

We have $1,715.00 in the Potomac River Final Fund! At the Final we will add the Final Fund and 100% of the entry’s together to make the Final purse! Final entry is $160 or $170 at the ramp! If we have 50 of the eligible teams enter the purse will be over $8,000 not including the side pot! Thanks for fishing with us!

Safu Rana fished solo and took the largest prize this past weekend which was 1st Place of $1,400.00 with 18.30 lbs. Great job!

Chris Jackson & Chase Blaise took 2nd place $660 with 18.20 lbs.

Mike Ramey & Mike Nelms took 3rd place with a total weight of 18.10 lbs.
$370 3rd Place Finish + $96 2nd Biggest Bass 5.89 lbs. + $575 Side Pot = Total of $1,041

4th Place – Clifton Cooper & Donald Heflin 17.22 lbs. $250

5th Place – Chris McManus 17.03 lbs. $190

6th Place – Karl Sampson & Donnie Caldwell 16.79 lbs. $130

7th Place – Steve Schantz & Billy Boyd 16.72 lbs.

8th Place – Dan Weber & Bob Weber 16.69 lbs.

9th Place – William Gordon & Taylor Gordon
$600 30+ lb. Bag Bonus Winners
Cumulative 6 fish limit (5 EA Bass + 1 EA Snake) weighing 30 pounds or greater.
5 Bass 16.53 lbs. + 1 Snake 14.98 lbs. = 31.51 lbs. Total
31.51 lbs. is the New Potomac CATT Record

Snakehead Side Pot Winners $420 William Gordon & Taylor Gordon 14.98 lbs.

Here’s Big Bass winner Mike Hepburn with his gorgeous 6.21 lb. post spawn beauty. Mike Hepburn and Shawn Phipps $224 big bass winners at tournament #4

Safu Rana0.000.0018.30$1,400.00110
Chris Jackson – Chase Blaise0.000.0018.20$660.00109
Mike Ramey/Mike Nelms0.005.8918.10$1,041.00108
Cliff Cooper/Donald Heflin0.004.9017.22$250.00107
Chris McManus0.000.0017.03$190.00106
Karl Sampson/Donnie Caldwell0.004.1616.79$130.00105
Steve Schantz – Billy Boyd0.005.3116.72104
Dan Weber/Bob Weber0.000.0016.69103
Willie Gordon/Taylor Gordon14.980.0016.53$1,020.00102
Ben Moon – Mike Thomas0.000.0016.40101
Luke Beard/Brian Kline0.005.2715.78100
David Hooker/Kenny Henderson0.000.0015.5799
Sam Musselman/Ryan Musselman0.000.0015.3298
PJ Mosley – Rahim Rahimi0.000.0015.2397
Scottie Melton/Shawn Smith6.510.0015.1396
John Ward – David Mathews0.004.5814.8795
Donnie Ward – Donnie Ward Jr0.004.7014.4494
Buck Covington – Jesepth Hughes0.000.0013.9293
Nick Sapio0.000.0013.7992
Joe Zaombek – Mike Bahnweg0.000.0013.3791
Ray Hogge /Donnie Daniel0.000.0013.2490
Jeff Poston – John Stevens0.000.0013.2089
Scott Shafer – JR Mills0.000.0012.5088
Scott Mattern – Derek Edwards0.000.0012.0987
Cody Dent0.000.0011.2486
Neville Green/Steve Lanier0.000.0010.8085
Mike Hepburn/Shawn Phipps$224.0084
Josh Payne/Steve Starkey0.000.009.0983
Danny Cole – Brian Baity0.000.009.0682
Nick Lober – Logan Andrade0.000.000.0072
Clayton Payne – Thomas Palmer0.000.000.0072
Desmond Allen – Sion Sake0.000.000.0072
Total Entrys$3,840.00
BONUS $$575.00
Snakehead Side Pot$420.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,915.00
Potomac River 2023 Spring Final Fund$445.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$75.00
2023 Potomac River Spring Final Fund$1,715.00

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