4 Bass Baits Not To Leave Home Without

If you could only have one tackle box (God forbid) and could put any lures in that box to fish any body of water, what baits would you choose? This question is always popular among anglers as it outlines a fisherman’s confidence baits, overall versatility and fishing style. Even though the question is oftentimes hypothetical, the answer is important. So, if you were forced to limit yourself to only one box of lures for all circumstances, which ones would you pick? Here are our top choices.

Weedless Jig

Obvious, right? The jig has long been a staple in the tackle boxes of anglers across the globe and for good reason. This bait catches numbers of quality fish in a multitude of conditions. You can do just about anything with a jig. Cast it, flip it, drag it, swim it, and the list goes on. Don’t get caught up on head design either. Nearly any jig head design can be used for multiple applications. Don’t let the marketing gurus fool you. Just because a jig has a “swimming head” doesn’t mean it can’t be used to drag deep water or flip shallow vegetation. Senko

Senkos (Stick Bait)

senko style baits

Next on the list is the senko. Again, it is no secret that this bait is a favorite when it comes to versatility and catching quality and numbers of bass. The senko can be rigged weighted or weightless on a Texas-rig, used on a Ned rig, wacky rigged, and in seemingly countless other ways. Choosing colors is simple. Either some variation of black or green pumpkin will catch fish all year around the country. The senko can be fished in deep or shallow water, fast or slow. It’s a no-brainer for our list.

Lipless Cranks

Known for its ability for long casts and being extra loud, the rattlebait (AKA the lipless crankbait) is number three on our list. This is quite a unique bait. It can be used in virtually any part of the water column with many different retrieves and catches gargantuan bass. When bass are inactive, the bait can be slow-rolled back to the boat and the opposite, a super-fast retrieve, can be used when fish can’t resist these BB-filled baits. They even work well in and around vegetation because of their ability to be ripped aggressively and clear fouled hooks.

The Drop Shot

drop shot leader length

Last but not least, a drop shot rig is a perfect closer for any angler’s tackle box. Like the baits above, the drop shot can be fished in virtually any depth and adjusted to suspend in any part of the water column. Bass love a drop shot when they are finicky as well as when they are active, and the rig seems to work wonders year-round. Tip your drop shot with a minnow, worm, or goby-style imitator and watch the magic happen.


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