The bass fishing is, or is about to become, red hot throughout much of the country. With big bass finally leaving their winter haunts and heading for shallower water, they will soon be much easier to catch and locate. Whether your particular area is early prespawn, spawn or freshly post-spawn right now, you have an excellent chance of catching your personal-best bass over the next few months.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. As the weather continues to warm and more anglers begin to flood their favorite lakes, the increased fishing pressure can make the bite pretty slow at times. It might take some creativity to differentiate your offerings from what the fish are seeing nearly every day.

That’s where it pays to have a buddy who’s one of the best finesse fishermen in the world. I chatted with professional angler Mark Daniels, Jr. today and we started talking about some common mistakes he notices anglers making while fishing with light tackle and spinning gear. A detail-oriented angler who analyzes every cast he makes, Daniels laid out some incredibly helpful information during our conversation.


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