Adam & Blake Richardson Win CATT North Kerr Lake, NC/VA June 8, 2019


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Next up is the June 29th Old North Final! $5,000 1st Place! Guys you cannot get this deal with other trails! You pay $35 and you can fish for THOUSANDS of dollars…loads of Spring Qualifiers to choose from, Old North Final and the CATT Championship! You paying for each event what amounts to $2 to $3! CATTs format is way ahead of the trails who take up to $25 at EACH event!

Adam & Blake Richardson win this past Saturday at Kerr with 5 bass weighing 17.48 lbs and took home $1,910.00!

2nd went to Brian West and Ronnie Hatem subbing for Jonathan Holloway! They brought in 17.22 lbs and took home $1,039.00! Brian & Jonathan also won the Old North Points and will fish all 2020 Old North Qualifiers free & blast off #1!

Stump Bledsoe & Glenn Elliott took 3rd with 15.47 lbs and earned $656.00!

24 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Adam & Blake Richardson4.3617.48$1,910.00110
Brian West – Jonathan Holloway4.4417.22$1,039.00109
Stump Bledsoe – Glenn Elliott6.6215.47$656.00108
Tony Stanley – Keith Allen3.7115.15$225.00107
Kevin & Brandon Aleman3.5614.30106
Billy Bledsoe – Brian McDonald4.2914.01105
Clay Ausley – Ken McNeil1.7413.13104
Eddie Glascock – Billy Dunn4.2312.57103
Terry Amen – Chuck Darden3.1112.28102
Randy Black – Mikey Anderson3.2411.95101
Jesse Stanley4.2811.86100
Justin Hendricks – Paul Worthington4.1911.4299
Jaime Fajardo – Josh Hooks3.4910.7298
Charles & Chuck Stewart3.0610.7897
Hunter & Richard Petty2.5110.2396
John McClelland – Eric Schell0.009.3895
Todd Staker – Scott Woodson2.649.1294
Jeff Brown – Ron Johnson1.388.0893
James and Delores Davis2.307.6492
Johnny Wilder – Mike Harris3.757.4091
Jordan & Mark Young0.000.0090
Rick Dunstan – Josh Huff0.000.0090
Johnny & William Howard0.000.0090
Jay Fogleman – Jonathan Rhew0.000.0090
Total Entrys$3,840.00
BONUS $$900.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,830.00
Old North 2019 Spring Final Fund$410.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$3,560.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$1,405.00


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