AJ Kluesner – Spencer Parks win with 5 bass weighing 18.98 lbs!

Hunter Solberg 2nd with 16.15 lbs!

Roby & Bynum Kelley 3rd with 12.55 lbs!

BF went to Blake Winans & Still McIntosh with a5.92 lb bass!

AJ Kluesner – Spencer Parks0.0018.98$325.00
Hunter Solberg5.4016.15$185.00
Roby Kelley – Bynum Kelley0.0012.55$420.00
Blake Winans – Still McIntosh5.9211.99$85.00
Keith Brown – Todd Brown0.0011.77
Dean Benfield – Donnie Maiers0.009.77
Dylan Norton – Ficsher Ardis0.008.06
Brad Beatson0.007.90
Ryan Humphries – Alex Davis0.003.69
Chad Ardis – Trey Bryan0.000.00
Thad Driggers – Bunn Tyson0.000.00
Wesley Bilton – Trez Wienges0.000.00
Bucky Black0.000.00
Andrew Ball0.000.00
Hunter Vincent0.000.00
Sanders Altman  – Preston Leviner0.000.00
Mason Miles – Andrew Mcloud0.000.00


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