Alan Fletcher & Donald Hinson Win CATT Wateree Open May 26, 2018 with 21.38lbs


Tournament Results Wateree Open May 26, 2018

Next Wateree Open is June 2nd at Clearwater Cove!

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Alan Fletcher & Donald Hinson weighed in 21.38 lbs along with the 2nd BF 5.07 lbs taking 1st Place and $1.163.00!

2nd went to Chad Rabon & Walt Almond with 20.32 lbs and they weighed in the 1st BF at 6.55 lbs. They took home $472.00!

Kareem White with a couple of nice uns!

22 TeamsBig
Donald Hinson & Alan Fletcher BONUS $ & 2nd BF5.0721.38$1,163.00110
Walt Almond – Chad Rabon   1st BF6.5520.32$472.00109
David F Canupp – David L Canupp4.5616.22$175.00108
Jerry Freezon – Kareem White3.4014.07$120.00107
Steve Phillips – Jason Bateman3.9513.92106
Lee Morris – Robert Ross3.3613.02105
John Paul George – Jason Quinn3.5412.84104
Chad Gainey – Todd Butler3.7912.69103
David Ethridge – Sonny Beam3.1812.38102
**Brett Collins4.1011.79101
Craig Haven – Tim Haven3.1111.47100
Buddy Hartis – Clayton Hartis4.4011.2999
Chad Sims – David Anderson3.4711.1098
Fred Clements – Kevin Alford3.1910.2797
Tanner Fletcher – Von McCoy2.5910.1396
Dylan Locklear – Blake Reese0.009.8395
Mike King – Lorne Marcildon3.977.7494
Wesley Barrineau – Randall Barrineau0.006.6793
James Gibbons0.005.2092
Scott Floyd – Greg Corvin0.003.9191
Walter Knox – Walt Coker0.000.0090
Ricky Brown – Dustin Snipes0.000.0090
2018 Wateree Open Final Fund$2,050.00
2018 Wateree Open Point Fund$450.00
**2017 Point Winners Free Entry
2018 Point Winners Fish 2019 Opens FREE!
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$



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