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Albermarle Sound October 2021 Fishing Report by Capt. Scooter Lilley

Capt. Scooter Lilley
Albermarle Sound
Largemouth Bass update:
Temps feel great and the fish are moving fast to the creeks following Shad. Although it’s fall and time for the fish to feed up the bite can be tough to find at times. The fish definitely start moving from vegetation to hard cover on the river and sound. Docks, trees, lay downs and man made structures up shallow seem to be a great starting point. Location is important I have been looking for schooling fish around the mouths of Creeks and completely opposite all the way to the backs. I’m targeting the fall largemouth with buzz baits, poppers and Texas rigged worms. Daily catches are still good with plenty of fish caught in a days trip. Hope this helps you out on your next trip East! If your looking to go straight to the bite give a call at 252-799-9536. Looking forward to seeing you on the water!
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