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An Extra Dash of Flash: Owner’s Flashy Swimmer

November 1

Total Score: 8.5 – GREAT

Introduction: Underspin jigheads are certainly nothing new. What I always found strange about them is if you tip one with a paddletail swimbait like a Basstrix or Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad, you’re essentially throwing a bait with two heads. The fish probably don’t care, but that configuration always bugged me.

Cody Meyer recently shared with us one of his favorite ways to rig a paddletail swimbait

Owner has a solution and makes a weighted hook with an attached blade that has the added benefit of allowing you to rig it weedless. So you get the added attraction of the blade flash while being able to throw it in the weeds or other cover situations. Sound like something useful? We first looked at this solution a decade ago and since then Pro Anglers and Weekend warriors have leveraged this design and the company has expanded the line to include larger Beast version. Let’s take an updated look at Owner’s Flashy Swimmer.


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