Tournament Results Kerr Lake, VA Oct 27, 2019 Andrew George & Jordan Sanderlin Weigh in 21.20 lbs! BF at 9.02 lbs! KERR LAKE FALL HAWG!

Another great crowd guys! We will announce the CATT Championship date this week! Last year we had almost 180 teams! Lets break 200 in 2020!

Next Kerr Lake Fall Qualifier and the last is November 10! Remember you only have to enter 1 Qualifier to be eligible to enter the Kerr Fall Final!

Jordan Sanderlin & Andrew George took home $2,106.00 with 5 bass weighing 21.20 lbs! They weighed in a Kerr WHOPPER for BF at 9.02 lbs! 

Donnie Coleman & Darell Small finished 2nd with 5 bass weighing 16.94 lbs!

Dennis Reedy & Tommy Marrow finished 3rd with 16.37 lbs!

Scott Moser & Bobby Overby took 4th with 16.06 lbs and weighed in the 2nd BF–a 5.25 lb Smallmouth!

48 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Jordan Sandelin – Andrew George9.0221.20$2,106.00110
Donnie Coleman – Darell Small5.0016.94$1,110.00109
Tommy Marrow- Dennis Reedy4.7016.37$670.00108
Scott Moser – Bobby Overby5.2516.06$419.00107
Brandon Pritchett – Matt Foster3.5214.88$175.00106
Gerald Beck – Rodney Sorrells3.3014.59$130.00105
Jeffery Porter – Nathan Reeves4.2614.39$120.00104
Phil Smith- Lonnie Whitfield4.2114.18$115.00103
Doug Stallings – Seth Ellis3.9114.18$90.00102
Derrick Bowden – Matt Little4.8512.65101
Eddie Glasscock- Billy Dunn4.2312.33100
Francis Martin – Jeremy Turner0.0011.9699
Clay Ausley – Ken McNeil5.0811.7998
Tom Wilkerson3.0311.7697
Robbie Mayton – Kevin Bostic0.0011.7496
Michael Garner – Billy Shelton3.8911.6295
Rick Clements – Elton Clements2.9611.4594
William Hubbard – Brian Calloway3.2011.2793
Trey Nichols – Chad Fara0.0011.1192
Wayne Andrews – Will Zerull0.0011.0791
David Farrington – Barry Hopson3.1611.0290
Bryan Cottrell- Brandon Cottrell0.0010.7989
Denny Gilbert- Charlie Reed0.0010.7888
Monte Aleman- Kevin Aleman0.0010.6087
Mark Inman – Bryan Welch0.0010.5586
Kent Pearson – Jimmy Ferguson0.0010.1185
KC Pope – Eric Royster0.0010.0784
Tyler Trent- Richard Cooper0.0010.0283
Bobby Clark – Tommy Hughes0.009.7682
Michael Trivette – Neil Eckburg0.009.5781
Randy Black- Mikey Anderson0.009.4580
Bryson Peed – Josh Fletcher0.009.1379
David Bullock – Jimmy Henderson3.149.0878
Billy Orr – John Parson0.009.0577
Paul Rigsbee – Cory Leonard0.008.8776
Donnie Avant – Randy Waterman2.737.9975
Evan Flemmings – Matt Fuhr0.007.3674
Charlie Gunter – Reggie Norflett0.004.9373
Mike Cole – Marty Wilson0.004.7772
Jake Osbourne – Keith Dutton0.003.4971
Edward Townsend Dexter Hurley0.003.4770
Gary Horsley – David Dehart0.000.0069
Raeford Fairchild – Joe Smith0.000.0069
David Avant – Pam Pellerin0.000.0069
Mike McMillian0.000.0069
Greg Lahr – Joseph Lahr0.000.0069
James Sutton – Michale McLamb0.000.0069
Jay Fogleman- Jeff Clifton0.000.0069
Total Entrys$3,840.00
BONUS $$1,650.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,935.00
Kerr 2019 FALL Final Fund$475.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$50.00
2019 Kerr FALL Final Fund Total$995.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Total$1,350.00


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