Guys we are looking over what we can do about the rest of the Kerr Spring schedule! The Core has revoked all permits through April 30 on Kerr Lake! You can fish but just not an organized tournament! If we get the all clear by then we’ll schedule what we can on the best date or dates available!

To view the Kerr Spring Points go to the Kerr Division page and scroll all the way down!

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Kerr was just beginning to show out this Spring! We had 2 bass 7 lbs or better weighed in with another pushing 7 lbs! Top 12 teams weighed in over 17 lbs!

Andrew Kerns & Edward Gordon weighed in 5 bass at 23.60 lbs and took the win! They also weighed in the 2nd BF at 7.00 lbs and took home $2,071.00!

2nd Place went to Gary Colwell & Ryan Roller with a limit weighing 19.93 lbs worth $1,915.00!

Ricky & Tyler Trent claimed 3rd with 18.74 lbs and took home $1,300.00!

57 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Andrew Kerns – Edward Gordon7.0023.60$2,071.00110
Ryan Roller – Gary Colwell4.7819.93$1,915.00109
Ricky Trent  – Tyler Trent4.8118.74$1,300.00108
Dannie Jenkins – Jason Copp7.2218.69$949.00107
Dennis Reedy – Tommy Marrow5.5118.24$710.00106
Kevin Cheatham – Johnny Wilder4.3917.70$300.00105
Jason Houchins – Danny Houchins4.1217.48$235.00104
Kevin Alemon – Monte Alemon4.9917.46$190.00103
Emitt Whitby – Justin Dalton6.5417.45$175.00102
Michael Garner – Billy Shelton5.2817.35$145.00101
Dave Farrington – Mike Belter4.4617.22$125.00100
Justin Rhew – Roger Clary4.0317.1899
Kenny Beale – Jay Rigney6.4216.7598
Kevin Bostic – Robbie Mayton4.3116.3997
Brian Kirkpatrick – Eddie Fore5.0716.3396
Ralph Taylor – Jimmy Taylor4.7716.2695
Rodney Sorrell – Gerald Beck4.3316.1994
Eddie Glascock – Billy Dunn3.5515.9393
Calvin Young – Rob Wells4.4315.7592
Allen White – Mike Vaughn4.6315.4991
Chris Barns – Carmon  Linerich0.0014.9590
Lyn Fox – Marty Warren5.7714.8989
Paul Worthington0.0014.6888
Charlie Reed – Dennie Gilbert0.0014.3287
Chuck Morton – Mike Riggs4.0514.2886
Sammy Barrow – Spencer Barrow3.2314.1485
Donnie Avant – Randy Waterman0.0014.0984
Jimmy Condrey – James Condrey3.9413.9683
Scott Moser – Bobby Overby3.4313.8982
Joey Dawson – Kevin Dawson0.0013.7581
Robbie Kennon – Ross Kennon0.0013.7380
Tom Wilkerson – Tyler Purcell0.0013.5879
Ben Dalton – Ben Nichols0.0013.4978
Jimmy Wall – Steven Griggs3.7613.4377
Clay Ausley – Ken McNeil0.0013.2776
Jason Suggs – Calton Hall0.0013.0775
Richard Owen – Austin Mintor3.4713.0374
Wesley Harris – Travis Garrett0.0012.9273
Jeff hayden – Bennie Cannon0.0012.8172
Danny Moss – April Willis0.0012.6271
Jacob Lee – Sam Terry0.0012.5470
Derrek Bowden – Matt Little0.0012.3969
Don Greg – Trey Greg0.0012.1068
Bryan Welch – Mark Inman0.0012.0267
Brian Calloway – William Hubbard0.0011.7966
Phillip Smith – Lonnie Whitfield0.0011.2765
Aaron Falwell0.0011.1764
Tyler Calloway – Kevin Powell0.0010.6863
Andy Semonico – Wayne Andrews4.7610.6462
Glenn Long – Vernon Fleming0.009.0861
Nicky Ezell – Jim Freeland0.006.0560
Mike White0.001.6059
Donnie Wyatt – Kenny Haley0.000.0058
Travis Owen – Mark Hatcher0.000.0058
Billy Orr – John Parson0.000.0058
Mike Nichols0.000.0058
Jay Fogleman – Brice Peed0.000.0058
Total Entrys$6,840.00
BONUS $$1,900.00
Total Paid At Ramp$8,115.00
Kerr 2020 Spring Final Fund$485.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$90.00
2020 Kerr Spring Final Fund Total$1,520.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$3,180.00


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