Next Lake Monticello CATT is June 12 at the Hwy 99 Ramp!

Andy Wicker & Dan McGlohorn took 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 19.90 lbs! They also weighed in the BF at 6.94 lbs and took home $995.00!

2nd Place went to Jason & Michael Bateman with a limit weighing 17.37 lbs!

Andy Wicker – Dan McGlohorn6.9419.90$995.00110
Jason Bateman – Michael Bateman6.2117.37$300.00109
Andrew Fowler – Jeff Morris4.0716.35108
Phillip Thompson – Chad Bradburn0.0014.21107
Dustin Bannister – Adam Fincher0.0013.87106
Mark Krengel – Ron Wood4.6113.12105
Devin Black – Cory Vaughn0.0013.04104
Tony Slack – Brent Helms0.009.46103
Tony Exall0.008.98102
Clay Palmer – Chris Belk0.000.0092
Steve Harris – Albert Darminius0.000.0092
Charlie Hendricks – Alston Wingate0.000.0092
Monticello Final$240.00


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