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Fishing is a contact sport! We live to feel the bass contact our bait and then the tug as we set the hook. We are out there day in and day out, no matter the weather. And we take a beating. From the sun to the bass, our bodies take a beating. And now there is a product made to help us out during our fishing adventures, Angler Aid.

I have spent a lot of time trying it out and testing it. You can test a bait or line easily, but as to a product like this, there is no quick review. It takes time to find out just how it works, and if it works. My name is attached to my review, and so is my reputation.

Brandon Palaniuk’s Angler Aid is a doctor and pharmacist recommended, revolutionary, safe and Non-Cytotoxic (not toxic to cells) first aid solution for the management of minor wounds, minor burns and minor irritations. The principal ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid, a naturally occurring molecule produced by our white blood cells. It helps with Bass Thumb and Fin Spikes, Hook Cuts and Scrapes, Sunburns and Windburns, Plant Saps and Oils, and with Bug Bites and Stings. It helps keep you on the water longer.
The process is simple and easy, spray Angler Aid on your hands and work it into the skin. For minor sunburn on your face, spray it into your hand and then apply to your face. For minor wounds, spray directly on the wound to flush away dirt and debris. If a dressing is used, saturate it with Angler Aid and apply directly over the wound.

I have used the product for months, testing it on my bass thumb, on minor scrapes, and on other issues related to bass fishing and fishing in general. I’ve had minor scrapes from changing a tire on the interstate treated with Angler Aid. My fishing partner, Tiffany Risch cleaned it and applied it directly to the wound before bandaging it. I fished all day afterwards. I’ve used it on minor sunburn and felt great afterwards. When I got a hook buried in my hand, I applied it to clean it and bandaged it up. I would highly recommend that you get some for yourself and use it all the time.

While Angler Aid is an amazing product, it does not take the place of other products, like hand lotion. You will still need to apply it as needed.
You can find Angler Aid on their website, and on Amazon. A 2 ounce bottle sells for $15.95 on both sites. The 8 ounce bottle sells for $22.95 on both also. Right now, the Angler Aid website has it on sale for $11.20 and $16.06, respectfully. At this time it is not in major retail outlets, but look for it soon.

Angler Aid also offers an Angler Aid Essentials Box, Angler Aid Safety Kit, and a Hook Removal Kit. The Essentials Box is a 75 piece Boater Kit. It contains a 36 piece First Aid kit, Angler First Aid Spray, Bob’s Butt Wipes, Multi-Tool, 3 different waterproof bandaids, medical gauze, medical tape, Coban Medical Wrap, Sunscreen, Butt Wire Connectors, Fuses, and more. A basic everything box for boaters in a handy plastic box that fits along side our fishing boxes we already use. It sells for $99.95 normally and on sale for $69.96 right now. The Safety Kit is a smaller version that sells for $69.95 and is on sale also for $48.96.

Do yourself a favor, try it out for yourself. Click here to Order Today!


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