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Audie Murphy & Monte Aleman Win CATT James River August 10,2019

Tournament Results James River, VA August 10, 2019 Audie Murphy & Monte Aleman Win With 19.01 lbs 7.74 lbs BF! $2,934.00! With 1 James River Qualifier Left We Have Almost 60 Teams Eligible To Enter the James River Final! $5,000 To The James River Final Winners!

Next James River CATT is Sept 14th at Riverfront Park!

Remember guys- — Must fish 4 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final
Fishing solo once & with A sub once counts toward teams Qualification
You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final.

The James River Final will feature a 1st Place cash prize of $5,000.00!

Audie Murphy & Monte Aleman win with 5 bass weighing 19.01 lbs! They weighed in the 1st BF at 7.74 lbs! They took home $2,934.00!

Burley Langford & Brian Langford took 2nd with 18.71 lbs and weighed in a BF at 6.74 lbs! Burley & Brian took home $1,201.00!

Jason Bishop finished 6th with 15.44 lbs!

67 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Audie Murphy – Monte Aleman7.7419.01$2,934.00220
Burley Langford – Brian Langford6.7418.71$1,201.00219
Trey Goodman – Tim Chaffin0.0017.40$750.00218
Joey Carr – Larry Whitt0.0016.12$600.00217
Howard Austin – Jerry Britt0.0016.02$760.00216
Jason Bishop0.0015.44$400.00215
Chris Atwell – Gary Atwell0.0015.15$300.00214
Craig Fagan – Torry Aiken0.0014.50$275.00213
Tommy Little – Jerry Heffler0.0014.42$250.00212
William Clement – James Cornett0.0013.81$185.00211
James Nealy – Greg Ball0.0013.60$150.00210
Nelson Marshall – Ron Studer0.0013.50$140.00209
Josh Wright – Kelly Pratt0.0013.48$125.00208
Ben Knapp – Rodney Manson0.0013.47207
Mike Caul – Alexis Caul0.0013.43206
Dave Carney and Andy Bollhurst0.0013.36205
Ray Hogge- Donnie Daniel0.0013.20204
Leidy Clark – Ricky West0.0013.19203
Luke Carson – Darrin Zollar0.0013.16202
Francis Martin – Ray Griffin0.0013.14201
Guy Fairweather – Jared Williams0.0013.13200
Mike Rowe – Andy Walker0.0013.10199
Robert Whitehurst – Parker Hinks0.0013.08198
Mikey Anderson – Bo Boltz0.0012.18197
Charles James – John Conway0.0012.03196
Chris Burnett – Chris Powell0.0011.86195
Drake Hundley – Stan Keyser0.0011.70194
Bobby Harris – Robby Harris0.0011.39193
Rob Uzzle – Hunter Atkins0.0010.95192
Donnie Bowman – Mike Wright0.0010.77191
Richard Bates – Chad Holms0.0010.63190
Ryan Drewery – Wayne Drewery0.0010.59189
Wayne Taylor – John Doyle0.0010.45188
Stacy Vasser0.0010.23187
Caleb Burruss0.0010.20186
Harvey Reece – Anthony Weithers0.0010.19185
Zach Whitt0.0010.06184
Andy Semonico – Wayne Andrews0.009.77183
James Funk – Matt Funk0.009.19182
Jeffrey Banko – Jerry Ferguson0.009.12182
Randy Ruffin – Jim House0.009.12180
Brandon Hill – Kevin King0.008.90179
Brian Snipes and Chris Cockrell0.008.39178
Roger Walters – David Fox0.008.18177
Duane Hodge – Brad Colgen0.007.97176
Marshall Johnson – Ryan Lachinet0.007.83175
Charles Ramen – Paul Brock0.007.35174
Steve Webb – Lance Taylor0.007.33173
Wil Vickery – Dee Kidd0.006.98172
John Barnes – Ryan Barksdale0.006.87171
Jeffrey Valentine – Daryl Moody0.006.78170
Clayton Robines0.006.58169
Mike Hinkley0.005.75168
Carl Sadler – Cameron Lamm0.004.91167
RJ Davis – Zachery Bruss0.000.00166
Bryan Keane0.000.00166
Linwood Shores0.000.00166
Mathew Chisholm0.000.00166
Steve Lamb – Jess Johnson0.000.00166
RJ Davis – Zach Burruss0.000.00166
Eddie Griggs – Eddie Rowe0.000.00166
Tripp Mistr – Brent Mistr0.000.00166
Jake Ehert – Jacob Morrison0.000.00166
Mike Martinez – William Allen0.000.00166
Willie Hicks0.000.00166
Ronnie Slaughter – Landon Tucker0.000.00166
Scott Rodgers – Mathew Kite0.000.00166
Total Entrys$8,040.00
BONUS $$650.00
Total Paid At Ramp$8,070.00
James River 2019 Final Fund$510.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$80.00
2019 James River Final Fund Total$3,285.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$160.00
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