Next James River CATT Qualifier is July 18 we hope at Osbourne. If we can’t secure Osbourne then we will be back at River Rest!

We had 42 teams enter this past Saturday from River Rest chasing after the magic 5 bass to take home the 1st Place prize! Audie Murphy & Monte Aleman wrapped up 1st place with 5 bass weighing 18.08 lbs! They also weighed in the 2nd BF at 6.13 lbs and took home the 1st Place Bonus $! All total they collected $1,961.00!

2nd Place along with the 2nd BONUS $ went to Tripp & Brent Mistr with a limit weighing 17.92 lbs worth $950.00!

Marshall Johnson & Ryan Lachinet 3rd with 16.41 lbs!

Check out the rest of the results! Thanks for fishing!

42 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Audie Murphy-Monte Aleman6.1318.08$1,961.00110
Tripp Mistr-Brent Mistr0.0017.92$950.00109
Marshall Johnson-Ryan Lachniet5.8416.41$510.00108
Mickey Anderson-Bo Bolts0.0016.22$360.00107
Dave Carney-Andy Bolhorst5.3615.95$280.00106
Brian Brooks-Avery Powelson0.0015.22$200.00105
Duane Hodge-Brad Colgin6.8714.92$454.00104
Joseph Carr-Larry Whitt4.5314.62$130.00103
Chace huffman-Harrison Baker0.0014.01102
Clayton Robens-Nathan Seymore0.0013.86101
Ray Hogge-Donnie Daniel0.0013.49100
James Bland-Randy Ruffin0.0013.4299
Luke Carson-Darrin Zollar0.0013.2698
Jacob Moore-Tommy Hauser0.0013.2297
Ryan Drewery-Wayne Drewery0.0013.2096
Richard Bates-Scott Randall0.0012.5495
John Barnes-Ryan Barksdale0.0012.4794
Jamie Nealy-Greg Ball0.0012.4493
Ronnie Slaughter-Landon Tucker3.8312.3092
Jeff Valentin-Daryl Moody0.0012.2091
William Clemenst-Jimmy Cornett0.0011.9390
stacey vasser-steve webb0.0011.3789
Charles Ramer-Ernest Revels0.0011.0588
Roger Walters-David Fox0.0011.0387
Ted Lempke-Barry Cobb0.0011.0286
Brian Bersik-Justin Faison0.0010.9885
burley langford0.0010.7584
Edward Milton-Thomas Milton0.0010.0883
Wilson Burton-Jeff Powers0.009.6182
James Condrey-Jimmy Condrey0.008.5281
Trey Goodman-Tim Chaffin0.008.5180
Brandon Roberts-Brandon slaughter0.008.0979
Chris Cockrell-Brian Snipes0.007.8078
John Hinkley-Mike Hinkley0.006.3877
James Tilley-James Walker0.002.2576
Leidy Clark-Ricky West0.000.0075
Charles James-John Conway0.000.0075
Christopher Wingfield-Benny Wingfield0.000.0075
Jordan Heineman-Steve Heineman0.000.0075
Linwood Shores-neal allen0.000.0075
Thomas Hodge-Brad Calgin0.000.0075
Matthew Kite0.000.0075
Total Entrys$5,040.00
BONUS $$350.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,845.00
James River 2019 Final Fund$420.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$75.00
2019 James River Final Fund Total$420.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$3,850.00


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