Boo Whitaker & John Miller win CATT Lake Norman Dec 29,2018


Tournament Results Norman Dec 29, 2018! Whitaker & Miller Win! Westrick Wins Vet Points! Jordan & Locklear Win Points!

To enter the Jan 12th Norman Fall Final you must have entered 3 CATT Fall Norman Qualifiers BUT if you entered the CAGE Tournament that counts as 1 qualifier! 

Keith Westrick wins the Veteran Points and $500.00

Kevin Toler & Rodney Lambert 2nd $380.00

Orlando Giles 3rd $260.00

Marty Williams 4th $126.00

Adam Jordan & Adam Locklear win the Norman Points and will receive free entry and blast of #1 at the Final!

Boo Whitaker & John Miller take 1st Place this past Saturday with 5 bass weighing 12.58 lbs and $550.00!

2nd went to Craig Chambers & Derrick Cummings 12.15 lbs and they earned $775.00 with the BONUS $ added in!

Steve Addington claimed 3rd with 10.96 lbs and collected $200.00!

24 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Boo Whitaker – John Miller3.3312.58$550.00220
Craig Chambers – Derrick Cummings0.0012.15$775.00218
Steve Addington2.8210.96$200.00216
Tim Chapman – Mike Stephens2.6710.92$120.00214
Maurice Freeze – Rick Poplin4.119.93$168.00212
Matt McBee – Charlie Brock3.399.54210
Keith Westrick – Jonathan Foster2.338.99208
Aaron Jordan – Adam Lockler1.868.59206
Dale Phillips0.008.10204
Marty Williams – Phillip Hedrick3.897.88$72.00202
Roger Hoover – Scott Hamrick3.147.85200
Kevin Toler – Rodney Lambert2.957.11198
David & Kenny Beard0.006.56196
Erroll Duckett – Zoie Vazques0.006.33194
Mike Ray – Orlando Giles2.203.87192
Jimmy LeShock – Chris Baumgardner0.000.00190
Morris Elliott – Chris Tarbush0.000.00190
Luke Helms0.000.00190
Josh & Gen Hall0.000.00190
Jason Land – David Burgess0.000.00190
Nathan Dellinger0.000.00190
Jack R. Marcotte0.000.00190
Bill Grier – Nick Wood0.000.00190
Adam Waters – Dylan Fulk0.000.00190
Total Entrys$1,920.00
BONUS $$475.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,885.00
Norman Fall 2018 Final Fund$460.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2018 Norman Fall Final Fund Total$2,920.00
2019  CATT Championship Fund Total$2,440.00


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