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Bradley Rhodes & Chris Dorlan win CATT Lake Murray, SC April 12,2019 with 23.10 lbs


We had a great Spring season on Lake Murray paying back a total of 20,895.00!

We plan to have a couple of Opens soon so keep an eye out for those!

Bradley Rhodes & Chris Dorlan won big with 5 bass weighing 23.10 lbs! They weighed in the 1st BF at 6.57 lbs and earned a Lews Speed Stick! Their total take home pay was $3,168.00!

Scott Farmer & CJ Freeman claimed 2nd with 22.79 lbs worth $1,250.00!

Neil & Tim Huffstetler 3rd with 21.57 lbs!

Dan McGlohorn – Gary McGlohorn 4th with 21.50 lbs!

Howard Stephens – Paul Ham weighed in 19.42 lbs and had the 2nd BF at 5.95 lbs! They received a $25 Academy Sports Gift Card!

25 TeamsFishWeightWinnings
Bradley Rhodes – Chris Dorlan6.5723.10$3,168.00
Scott Farmer – CJ Freeman5.7622.79$1,250.00
Neil Huffstetler – Tim Huffstetler5.8121.57$600.00
Dan McGlohorn – Gary McGlohorn5.1521.50$350.00
Howard Stephens – Paul Ham5.9519.42$272.00
Dave Franklin – Clay Riddle4.6919.34
Todd Lawrence – Roger Medlock4.9619.11
Josh Rennebaum4.9118.91
Brandon Jeffcoat5.8818.85
Jeremiah Jensen – DJ McEarchern0.0018.52
Johnny Mayer – Chris Epting0.0018.38
Kevin Fulmer – Tim Sox4.7518.35
Ronnie Tapp – Travis Parrish4.2118.13
Doug Lown – Rhett Manus4.5016.52
Chad Hastings0.0015.18
Roger Farr – TJ Francis3.8214.37
Mark Krengel – Ron Wood0.0013.36
Terry Morris – Bobby Martin4.4712.72
Daniel Grassi – Tyler Thompson3.5512.29
Brian Key0.0010.03
Chris Sullivan0.005.39
Ronnie Mueller – Wayne Frierson0.000.00
George Berry0.000.00
Russ Padgett0.000.00
Will Anderson – Kyle Cannon0.000.00
Total Entrys$2,880.00
BONUS $$500.00
Murray Spring Final Fund$2,280.00
Total Paid At Ramp Cash & Prizes$6,090.00
Total Paid Spring 2019 Lake Murray$20,895.00


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