Brent and Owen Sewell Win CATT SENC Cape Fear River, NC Oct 9, 2021


The SENC Fall Final will be held November 20th on Lake Sutton! We have 42 teams eligible to enter! We have $1000.00 in the SENC Final Fund PLUS another $750.00 in BONUS $$! Someone is going to have a great payday! Thanks for fishing with us!

Jeremy Sullivan & Eric Buie are out SENC Fall Point Champs! They will receive FREE entry at the SENC FALL Final & Blast Off #1 Plus $50 Cash! Plus 2 Point Champ Plaques! That’s a $170.00 Value!

2nd Place in the Points was Benjamin Milam & Zachery Milam! They will earn $100.00 in Point Money!

3rd Place in the Points goes to Neil Smith & Jimmy Roughton! They will take home $50.00 in Point Money!!

1st Place goes to Brent and Owen Sewell with 15.83 lbs! Total winnings $2,050.00 including donations and sidepot money.

2nd goes to Zach Rogers and Devin Cook with 15.32 lbs and 2nd BF for a total of of $450.00

3rd goes to Jeremy Sullivan and Eric Buie with 13.92 lbs winnings of $250.00

4th goes to Ray Cox and Lynn Davis Cox with 13.66 lbs and 1st Academy BF with total winnings $340.00 and a $25.00 Academy gift card!

5th goes to Mike Lanier and Norman Mullinax with12.76 lbs total winnings $110.00

6th goes to Krisopher Corbett and Bohdi with 12.58 lbs winnings of $100.00

Brent Sewell – Owen Sewell4.7315.83$2,052.00110
Zack Rogers – Devin Cook5.2015.32$450.00109
Jeremy Sullivan – Eric Buie0.0013.92$250.00108
Ray Cox – Lynn Cox 5.7213.66$340.00107
Mike Lanier – Norman Mullinax0.0012.76$110.00106
Kris Corbett – Bohdi0.0012.58$100.00105
Ben Milam – Zachery Milam0.0011.97104
Chris Gainey – Joey Bordeaux0.0011.78103
Andy Coor – Aaron Dennis0.0011.64102
Neil Smith – Jimmy Roughton2.9511.17101
Mark Fairfax – Trey Antee0.0011.11100
David Carterette – Kenneth Strickland0.0010.3599
Jay Abston – Justin Abston0.0010.2398
Jamie Pierce – Michael Long0.0010.1897
Mikcey Bullard – Gary Cox Jr0.009.8696
Michael McDonald0.009.3895
David Jones – Hunter Jones0.008.8694
Ina Seaver – Ken Huffman2.388.1593
Jeremy Ives0.007.8692
Scott Rhoades – Brent Newton0.007.2891
Chris Hall – Jeremy Byrd0.006.4090
Preston Nowell0.006.3389
Victor Cuevas – Tim Griffin0.004.4188
Patrick Lunsford – John Orchard0.004.2787
Jeremy Branch – Gary Cox0.003.5986
Alan Arnette – Tim Arnette0.001.2685
Jason Dew – Tom Elliott0.000.0075
Johnny Britt – Alan Chance0.000.0075
Chris Prosser – Eric Hardy0.000.0075
James Davis – Frank Grimsley0.000.0075


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