Brent Riley & Nathan Burgess Win CATT Santee Cooper Spring Final May 11,2019 with 34.02 lbs


Another great season down on Santee Cooper! Santee Cooper continues to produce! We paid 7 places and you had to break the 20 lb mark to get paid! We plan to have a Fall schedule so keep an eye out for the schedule! We may have an Open sometime this Summer at John C Land!

Brent Riley & Nathan Burgess repeat as CATT Santee Cooper Spring Final Champions with 5 bass weighing 34.02 lbs! Add in the BONUS $ and they took home $3,750.00!

2nd went to Mike Watson & Craig McFadden with a limit weighing 28.97 lbs! They earned $1,500.00!

Anthony Driggers 3rd with 26.64 lbs and 2nd BF at 7.37 lbs  $1,108.00!

Anthony with his Lews Mach Speed Stick! 

Brett Mitchell & Jerry Montjoy 4th with 21.25 lbs! $700.00!

Keith Britt & Chad Crosby with 20.96 lbs! 5th & 300.00!

Lonnie Jones & Robert Clarke 6th 20.78 lbs!

Jason Miles last money place with 20.51 lbs!

BF winners Thad Driggers & Steven Walker 7.63 lbs! $252.00 plus Lews Mach Baitcast Reel & Academy Sports Gift Card!


Brian & Elvis Peagler 2019 Santee Cooper Spring Point Winners! $500 sponsored by Carolina Post Frame! Click on the Carolina Post Frame Logo for more info!

37 TeamsFishWeightWinnings
Brent Riley – Nathan Burgess7.2334.02$3,750.00
Mike Watson – Craig McFadden7.0028.97$1,500.00
Anthony Driggers7.3726.64$1,108.00
Brett Mitchell – Jerry Montjoy6.2721.25$700.00
Chad Crosby – Keith Britt0.0020.96$300.00
Robert Clarke – Lonnie Jones0.0020.78$200.00
Jason Miles5.6220.51$150.00
Wade Grooms0.0020.37
Thad Driggers – Steven Walker7.6320.00$252.00
Hunter Hoffmeyer – Thomas Hoffmeyer7.0818.00
Jamie Glasscock & Jim Smoak0.0017.40
Max Terry – Bugsy Terry6.4617.24
Elvis & Brian Peagler4.6717.14
Brent Waynick – Emment McCauley5.7016.70
Brad Beatson – Brad Scott6.2815.38
Mario & Reid Colangelo4.4514.77
Winston Martin – Wayne Marlow5.9014.56
Mack & Patrick Cook0.0014.41
Mark Hutson – Gary Elsey0.0014.35
Ben Cox – Chase Marshall0.0014.31
Brian Miller – Austin Miller0.0014.29
Larry Avin – Joe Avins0.0013.96
Patyrick Williams0.0013.49
Horace Scott – Horace Scott Jr0.0012.97
Dalton Hughes – Mason Miles4.0112.86
Freddie Gibbs – Clark Gibbs4.3612.31
Mack Altman – Randall Miller0.0012.24
Denni Stacey – Fisher Hartman0.0012.02
Don Pendarvis Bobby Gibbs0.000.00
Hugh McCutchen – Jamie Blackburn0.000.00
Donnie McCord – Jamie Partee0.000.00
Sam Hopkins – Craig Mathews0.000.00
Ed & Eddie Paul0.000.00
Billy McIntosh – Rick McLean0.000.00
Lex Costas – Xan Costas0.000.00
Steve Borton – Tristen Rogers0.000.00
Dave Murdock – Justin Wood0.000.00
Total Entrys$4,320.00
BONUS $$750.00
2019 Santee Cooper Spring  Final Fund$2,885.00
Total Paid At Ramp$8,360.00
Total Paid 2019 Spring Santee Cooper$28,670.00


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