Next Phantom is this coming Saturday May 7 at Kerr Lake! Nutbush Ramp in the State Park!

Brian McDonald & Billy Bledsoe win Jordan with 24.62 lbs! They received $2,625.00!

Jacob Moore & Jacob Smith were 2nd with 20.47 lbs and weighed the BF at 7.64 lbs worth $750.00!

Billy Bledsoe – Brian McDonald6.3224.62$2,625.00
Jacob Moore – Jacob Smith7.6420.47$750.00
Josh Hooks – Jaime Fajardo0.002.13
Bryson Peed – Mike Corbishley6.9919.05
Todd Sumner – Rich Z0.0018.36
John Michenfelder – Daniel Love0.0015.66
Clay Ausley – Michael Minken0.0012.73
Darrell Curl – Tyler Carrick0.0012.22
Ricky Parker – Tanner Norton4.3610.25
James Jackson – Mathew Jackson0.005.77
David Farmer – Matt Deese0.000.00
David Jernigan – Paul Warwick0.000.00
Acott Woodson0.000.00


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