Next Yadkin CATT is Oct 22 at Badin Lake!

By entering 2 Yadkin FALL CATT events you can qualify to enter the 2022 Phantom Outdoors Classic at Lake Norman Dec 2-3, 2022! $10,000 1st Place Tap on the link to view more details!

2022 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Classic – Carolina Anglers Team Trail (

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Brian Robbins and Jeremy Talbert: 1st and 1st side pot with 22.01 lbs. Also 1st big fish with a 6.44 lb bass! They took home $1,733.00!

Jack Vanderford and Phillip Hedrick: 2nd and 2nd side pot with 18.06 lbs!

Scott Harwood and Hunter Harwood: 3rd and 3rd side pot with 16.31 lbs!

John Kistler and Rusty Melton: 4th with 15.74 lbs and 2nd big fish with a 6.09 lbs!

Harrison McCall and Barry McCall: 5th with 14.09 lbs!

Steve Sink and Jason Riggs:6th with 13.14 lbs!

George Lambeth and Herby Young: 7th with 12.95 lbs!

Zach Scelsi and Marshall Conrad with the Smith baits prize pack sponsored by Marty Smith with 12.74 lbs!

Avan Griffin helped his pop out today fishing his first CATT Trail! Way to go Avan!


Jeremy Talbert – Brian Robbins6.4422.01$1,733.00110
Jack Vanderford – Phillip Hedrick5.4518.06$600.00109
Hunter Harwood – Scott Harwood5.5016.31$405.00108
John Kistler – Rusty Melton6.0915.74$317.00107
Harrison McCall – Barry McCall0.0014.09$140.00106
Steve Sink – Jason Riggs0.0013.14$110.00105
George Lambeth – Herby Young0.0012.95$100.00104
Zach Scelsi – Marshall Conrad3.4812.71103
Dillon Kiger – Shane Vaught0.0012.65102
Robert Branson – Andrew Wilson0.0011.42101
Marty Williams0.0011.22100
Austin Garland0.0011.0499
Rodney Bell – Wayne Smelser0.0010.8398
Bryant Gobbel – Scott Eggleton0.0010.5997
Orlando Giles – Sam Smith0.009.8496
Lance Isenhower0.008.8195
Brandon Gibson – Corey Gibson0.008.2694
Alan Griffin – Kevin Chandler0.008.1293
Josh Stafford – Brett Lane0.007.3192
Todd Butler – Jeffrey Furr0.007.0191
Dwayne Hughes – Stan Gobbel0.006.9590
Shane Floyd – Austin Floyd0.006.5489
Marty Smith – Mitch Frederick0.004.8388
Mike Allen – Thomas Furr4.484.4887
Chris Passmore – Scot Higgins3.903.9086
Shane Kennedy – Devon Kennedy0.003.6685
Tanner Werth3.493.4984
Josh Griffin0.001.9083
Chris Brown0.000.0073
Justin Goodyear – Jeff Proctor0.000.0073
Mark Mohler – Graeme Bosch0.000.0073
Tyler Currick – Darrell Curt0.000.0073
Mike Lawhon – Sam Lawhon0.000.0073
Chris Walls – Dawson McCone0.000.0073
Travis Donaldson0.000.0073
Keith Davis – Keith Davis Jr0.000.0073
Shawn Knight – Ron Wolfarth0.000.0073
Preston Harris – Stanton Harris0.000.0073
Byron Brush – Byron Brush Sr0.000.0073
Total Entrys$3,120.00
BONUS $$850.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,405.00
2022 Yadkin Fall Final Fund$515.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2022 Yadkin Fall Final Fund Total$1,325.00