Bryan Fritz & Bo Adams Win CATT Old North Jordan Lake, NC March 13, 2021


Next Old North CATT Qualifier is March 27 at Falls Lake launching from Ledge Rock!

Great crowd guys with a HUGE payback! We usually get bigger crowds as the season progresses! Thanks for fishing with us!

Bryan Fritz & Bo Adams dropped the hammer Saturday with 5 bass weighing a whopping 34.76 lbs! They also weighed in the 1st BF with a 8.98 lb HAWG! Kick in the Phoenix First Flight $500 award and they took home $3,456.00! That comes out to $100 per pound of bass they weighed in! Keep in mind we ONLY had 39 teams! Can’t beat the CATT payback!

James Blankenship & Johnathan Phillips 2nd with 5 bass weighing 26.12 lbs!

Chuck Bolton & Ricky Parker 3rd with 25.26 lbs!

Will Howard & Bryce McLenney with the 2nd BF at 8.67 lbs!

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Check out all the big bass weighed in at Jordan!!




39 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Bo Adams / Bryan Fritz8.9834.76$3,456.00110
Johnathan Phillips / James Blankinship6.7626.12$1,530.00109
Chuck Bolton / Ricky Parker7.7525.26$830.00108
Tommy Marrow / Dennis Reedy7.4023.81$450.00107
Dane Butler / Derick Wright5.5620.63$300.00106
Bryce McLenney / Will Howard8.6720.21$354.00105
Matthew Jones / Sonny Tindal0.0015.75$200.00104
Glenn Elliott / Stump Bledsoe4.9214.55103
Dennis Allen / Daltin Allen7.4014.51102
Johnny Wilder / Mike Harris4.3414.32101
Todd Sumner / Mike Dinterman3.6213.89100
David Farmer / Matt Deese5.0013.8699
Rick Dunstan / Josh Huff4.3713.8698
Dean Myslinski / DJ Myslinski0.0013.0197
Clay Ausley / Randy Parker3.4612.3296
Ronnie Britt / Dillon Britt4.2411.6195
Johnny Howard / William Howard5.2811.3194
Stanton McDuffie / Wyatt Kimmi3.8211.1993
Steve Michales / Kenneth Ragland4.3610.2792
Gary Johnson / Chris Inscoe0.009.4991
Troy Searcy / Mark Lowe6.249.1090
Nate Arrington / Dustin Hess0.009.0189
Craig Leff / Thomas Sheffer6.439.0088
Terry Amen / Casey Johnson5.508.7887
Josh Whitford / Tyler Ivy0.008.3186
Greg Lahr / Jackson Lahr4.768.2185
Tim Goad / Mark Williams0.007.6684
Brandon Taylor / David Pearce6.776.7783
Jeff Brown / Ron Johnson3.876.2282
Blaine Brogden / Tyler Dunn0.005.7881
Rich Z / Jamie Olive0.005.6280
Tim Parker3.735.3779
Treverr Holmon4.614.6178
John McLelland / Eric Schell0.001.5877
Brad McLaurin / Mike Marchant0.000.0067
Jordan & Mark Young0.000.0067
Lynn Fox / Jeff Hogges0.000.0067
Matt Dean / Brice Pederson0.000.0067
Eric Galasso / Scooter Lilley0.000.0067
Total Entrys$6,080.00
BONUS $$1,450.00
Total Paid At Ramp$6,620.00
Old North 2021 Spring Final Fund$710.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$1,150.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund Total$1,765.00


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