2019 Academy Sports CATT Championship June 1-2 Kerr Lake!!!

$10,000.00 1st Place GUARANTEED! (1st Place in 2018 Took Home $25,000.00!)

New Nutbush Ramp – Kerr State Park!

A team or solo angler must fish 3 CATT events to Qualify!

You can get in your 3 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2018 and CATT Spring 2019!

The 3 events do not have to be in the same CATT Trail!

$200 Per Team Entry

Optional Platinum BONUS $100

Optional BONUS $50

Next Kerr Spring Qualifier is Feb 24 at Occoneechee 8 am to 4 pm!

Bryan Kirkpatrick & Eddie Fore brought in 5 Kerr bass weighing up at 20.33 lbs and took home $1,565.00!

2nd went Bryan Cotrell & Ellis Jones with 18.94 lbs and they weighed in the BF at 6.20 lb! $1,308.00!

3rd 18.63 lbs Charlie Reed & Dennie Gilbert

Ryan Reynolds & Kenny Reynolds 4th with 18.45 lbs!

44 TeamFishWeightWinningsPoints
Eddie Fore – Bryan Kirkpatrick5.0720.33$1,565.00110
Ellis Jones – Bryan Cotrell6.2018.94$1,308.00109
Charlie Reed – Dennie Gilbert5.5918.63$560.00108
Ryan Reynolds – Kenny Reynolds5.4318.45$225.00107
Scott Moser – Travs Owen4.9817.79$160.00106
Mark Nickles – Mike Nickles Jr5.9717.76$232.00105
Derrek Bowden – Matt Little4.0816.98$110.00104
Aaron Falwell – Steven Coleman4.0416.98$100.00103
Michael Carden – Mike Cox4.2516.91102
Shawn Evans – Joey Scott4.2316.83101
Alan White – Mike Vaughn3.8716.43100
Ryan Roller – Gary Colwell4.0616.2699
Craig Wright – Larry Freeman0.0015.7098
Kevin Dawson – Joey Dawson5.8315.4897
Terry Easter – Randy Waterman5.7315.2696
Tyler Trent  – Jacob Lloyd4.7315.2095
Spencer Barrow – Robert Perkins4.1115.1794
Brian Calloway – William Hubbard3.5114.6893
Eddie Glascok – Billy Dunn3.9113.1892
Kevin Cheatham – Johnny Wilder0.0013.1391
Jason Houchins – Danny Houchins3.3112.9590
Justin Dalton – James Joyner3.8712.8889
Stump Bledsoe – Glenn Elliott4.1812.5788
Brent Williams – Justin Dyson0.0011.9887
Jay Fogleman – Tate Fogleman0.0011.3986
Vinson Nettles – Mike Cole2.5911.3285
Ben Dalton – Collin Bennett3.4210.9884
Mike White – Dana Moore0.008.2683
Roger Clary – Justin Rhew0.008.1982
Frank Bowers – Mike Franklin0.008.1181
Kevin Alemon – Monte Alemon0.007.0680
Jimmy Henderson – David Bullock3.505.3779
Heath Pait – Donnie Davis0.004.6878
Billy Orr – John Parsons2.764.4577
Jesse Stanley – Danny Stanley0.000.0076
Gabriel Soto-Hernandez0.000.0076
Bobby Overby0.000.0076
Elvin Jennings -Cathy Eades0.000.0076
Phil Smith – Lonnie Whitfield0.000.0076
Clay Samples – Tyler Purcell0.000.0076
Brandon Rogers0.000.0076
Tim Thurman – Thomas Terrel0.000.0076
Joey Talbott – Michael Dean0.000.0076
Ray Emerson – Trip Emerson0.000.0076
Total Entrys$3,520.00
BONUS $$1,350.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,280.00
Kerr 2019 Spring Final Fund$510.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 Kerr Spring Final Fund Total$510.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$2,755.00


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