Bucky DeBerry & Mike Kirby win CATT Sparkleberry Swamp Quest with 23.35lbs


Tournament Results Sparkleberry Swamp Quest Dec 29, 2018 DeBerry & Kirby Weigh in 23.35 lbs! Next Swamp Quest is Jan 19th at Packs!

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For it still being hunting season we had a good crowd gather at Pack’s Landing for the 1st ever Sparkleberry Swamp Quest CATT! Entry is only $60 at these so guys come on out January 19th to the #2 Swamp Quest at Packs! ONLY 60 HP engines and under for this Trail!

In the past we never publicized when we had a polygraph at a CATT events but with social media these days we’ll let you know about some. This past Saturday we polygraphed 1 member of the top 2 teams. Everything was good!

On your next order use PHANTOMCATT15 and receive 15% off! They also have a hunting line! Great stuff!

1st Place belonged to Bucky DeBerry & Mike Kirby with 23.35 lbs!

2nd went to Lee Morris and Robert Ross with 19.80 lbs!

Mike Kirby – Bucky DeBerry  BF6.7523.35$695.00110
Lee Morris – Robert Ross6.0119.80$170.00109
Brian Scott – Brad Beatson5.1319.71108
Paul Geddings – Bruce Peavy4.9316.72107
Buddy Holmes – Brandon Evans5.1915.24106
Sandy Oliver – Sam Hopkins4.3613.49105
Zack Hayes – Roddy Cross2.8511.16104
Jeremy Bradley – Steve Drummond0.007.56103
Justin Johnson3.566.65102
David Eargle – Reggie Hopkins0.005.38101
Brent Waynick – Rodney Jordan0.000.00100
Jason Bateman – Steve Phillips0.000.00100
Todd Gaymon0.000.00100
Wesley Bilton – Trez Wienges0.000.00100
Total Entrys$700.00
BONUS $$325.00
Total Paid At Ramp$865.00
Norman Fall 2018 Final Fund$160.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$0.00
2018 Norman Fall Final Fund Total$160.00
2019  CATT Championship Fund Total$2,390.00


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