Butch Williams and David Ethridge Win CATT Lake Wateree, SC April 10, 2021


The Lake Wateree Spring Final will be April 17th at Clearwater Cove Marina! We have $2,350.00 in the Wateree Spring Final Fund so we’re looking at another great payday on Lake Wateree!

Butch Williams and David Ethridge win the Wateree Spring Points and will fish the Final FREE plus blast off #1!

Guys by fishing 2 Wateree  CATTs you are qualified to enter 2 $10,000 1st Place CATT Events in 2021!

May 22-23. 2021  Kerr Lake, NC CATT Academy Championship! $10,000 1st Place! Tap on the link to view info!

Nov 5-6, 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Classic on Lake Hartwell, SC! $10,000 1st Place! Tap on the link to view info!

2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Classic

Donnie Maiers & Dean Benfield took 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 18.75 lbs! They took home $1,155.00!

2nd Place Michael Richardson & Shane Cantley with 16.65 lbs!

Scott Floyd & Greg Corvin claimed 3rd with 15.74 lbs!

CATT April 11, 2021
Dean Benfield & Donnie Maiers5.3618.75$1,155.00110
Shane Cantley & Michael Richardson3.7916.65$350.00109
Scott Floyd & Greg Gorvin4.7315.74$250.00108
Jimmy McFarland & Calvin Griggs5.4215.09$214.00107
Kenneth McFarland3.7814.74$100.00106
Mike Ellis & Mark Faircloth3.7213.77105
Butch Williams & David Ethridge3.5413.69104
Greg Sigmon3.7013.66103
Chad Gainey & Mack Kitchens3.3213.05102
Tanner Fletcher & Allan Fletcher3.2512.50101
Alex Dewey & Will Dewey3.8711.69100
Craig Haven3.7511.6299
Chad Sinclair5.6211.30$196.0098
Kyle Westerman4.4611.1597
Brad Connell & Will Connell4.4810.5896
Paul Wilkie & Greg Nettles0.0010.4195
Scott Williams & Robbie English2.908.5194
Stacy Seagars & Darrell Fenton2.755.5593
Tim Haven & Aby Lesso0.000.0083
Daryl Watson0.000.0083
Larry Hastings0.000.0083
Mark Healon & Brian Jeffords0.000.0083
Bobby Purvis & Matt Ross0.000.0083
Skeebo Kelly & Earl McElveen0.000.0083
Greg Atkinson & James Brinson0.000.0083
Ron Catoe & Bo Simon0.000.0083
Steve Phillips0.000.0083
Lorenzo Portee & Gary Cunningham0.000.0083
Total Entrys$2,240.00
BONUS $$575.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,265.00
2021 Wateree Spring Final Fund$450.00
2021 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$50.00
2021 Wateree Spring Fund Total$2,350.00
2021 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund Total$2,445.00


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