Chad Gainey & Mack Kitchens Win CATT Wateree, SC Summer Final July 20, 2019


Tournament Results Lake Wateree, SC Summer Final July 20, 2019 Chad Gainey & Mack Kitchens Take Home $2,560.00! 19.22 lbs! David F. Canupp & David. L Canupp Bring In the BF at 5.03 lbs! Total Payback at Wateree as of July 20! $53,134.00!

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So far as of July 20th we have paid back over $53,000.00 on Lake Wateree in 2019! We have the Fall to go and we surely will break $60,000.00! Come Join us!

Chad Gainey & Mack Kitchens weighed in 5 bass at 19.22 lbs and took home 1st and $2,560.00! Chad & Mack also were awarded a $25 Academy Gift Card!

2nd went to David F. Canupp & David L. Canupp with 16.63 lbs plus they weighed in the Lews BF at 5.03 lbs! They received a Lews Mach Speed Stick!

Jeff & Jacob Norris claimed 3rd with 15.99 lbs!

4th Robert Ross & Lee Morris with 15.62 lbs and they also won the Summer Points!

21 TeamsFishWeightWinnings
Chad Gainey – Mack Kitchens4.8419.22$2,560.00
David Canupp – David Canupp5.0316.63$1,140.00
Jacob Norris – Jeff Norris2.4815.99$810.00
Lee Morris – Robert Ross4.0915.62$500.00
Jimmy McFarland – Calvin Griggs4.5914.45
Jimmy Leschock – Chris Baumgardner3.4513.75
Brett Collins3.0313.19
Chad Rabon – Walt Almond2.7412.96
Phillip Anderson – Andy Lake4.1912.07
David Ethridge – Max Price3.1010.41
Bobby Purvis – Matt Ross2.4810.10
Mike King – Lewis Thompson2.459.39
Thomas Richmond – Dibb Wylie3.969.01
Jason Bateman – Steve Phillips3.545.18
Tim Haven – Craig Haven0.004.39
Alan Fletcher0.002.11
Bunn Tyson0.000.00
Scott Floyd – Bob Weaver0.000.00
Mike Byrd – Skeebo Kelly0.000.00
Matt Nettles – RB Blackmon0.000.00
Chad Sims – Jeff Knight0.000.00
Total Entrys$2,400.00
BONUS $$500.00
Wateree Summer Final Fund$2,110.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,010.00
Total Paid Summer 2019 Lake Wateree$13,295.00
Grand Total as of July 27$53,134.00


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