Charlie Reed & Kirk Wall Win CATT Phantom Outdoors Invitational Chowan River, NC June 26, 2021


42 Teams entered Chowan River Phantom Outdoors Invitational June 26th and the fishing seems to be excellent with the top 5 teams weighing in over 20 lbs! We will definitely be back in 2022 to the Chowan River in June! We have bigger plans for the Phantom Series in 2022!

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Charlie Reed & Kirk Wall took the win with 5 bass weighing 24.46 lbs! They took home $5,622.00!

2nd Place and $2,820.00 went to Adam Baldwin & Jason Tripp with a limit weighing 22.51 lbs!

David Sasser & Rex Sasser claimed 3rd with 5 bass weighing 20.89 lbs and they took home $1,130.00!

Trey Nanny & Adam Richardson with a nice sack!

Charlie Reed – Kirk Wall6.5724.46$5,622.00
Adam Baldwin – Jason Tripp6.6022.51$2,820.00
David Sasser – Rex Sasser5.4020.89$1,130.00
Bobby Clark – Tommy Hughes6.7420.79$800.00
Powell Kemp – Michael Chloumoudis0.0020.04$300.00
Matt Harrell – Scott Harrell5.2418.88$200.00
Houston Cash – Cory Leonard5.5118.80
Adam Richardson – Trey Nanny0.0018.14
Michael Whitehurst – Donna Wilson0.0017.49
John Lane – Russell Gammon0.0017.42
Mike Evans – Brian Cooper0.0016.69
Gerald Murray – Morgan Murray6.4316.68
Larry Thomas – Gerald Elks0.0016.67
Walker Mishoe – Justin Mizzell5.6716.60
Bobby Lassiter – Jeremy Miller0.0015.62
Dusty Jackson – Dean Pearce0.0014.76
Kevin Jones – Colby Jones0.0014.46
Stacey Light – Mike L0.0014.38
Greg Creech – Chris McDuffie5.9413.90
Sean Robinson – Nate Gilgore0.0013.75
Wayne Stallings0.0013.38
Clark Herrington – Brian Stalls0.0013.04
Walt Godwin – Phillip Gibson0.0013.01
Johnathan Canady – Chris Johnson5.7612.05
Brian Richardson – David Buchanan0.0011.96
Shaun Craftsman – Tommy Craftsman0.0011.55
Josh Powell – Eric Rountrey0.0011.47
Matthew Little – Derrick Bowden4.1310.96
Ray Cobb – Mark Moretz0.0010.94
Jason Law0.0010.93
Brandon Overton – Justin Chamblee0.0010.66
Nicholas Meek – Kyle Verkuilen0.0010.22
Jordan Norris – Clayton Boyette0.008.94
Adam Britton – Randy Britton0.007.61
Jim Dick – Greg Dick0.000.00
Ricky Mize0.000.00
Jefferson Price – Cason Price0.000.00
Marshall Williford – Mike Layton0.000.00
Brad Stain – Paul King0.000.00
Jeff Stoop – Miek Hinson0.000.00
Derek Smithson – Chad Pennell0.000.00
Mike Day – Scooter Lilley0.000.00


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