Chris Baumgardner & Jimmy LeShock take the CATT win on Lake Norman


2018 SAVE CAGE Results Lake Norman Dec 8, 2018 Baumgardner & LeShock Win! Over $5,000 Raised For Cage!

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Save the date! December 7, 2019 will be the 5th Annual Save Cage Tourney on Lake Norman, Pinnacle Access! 1st Place in 2019 will increase to $5,000!

Please spread the word so everyone will know and we can avoid conflicts!

Chris Baumgardner & Jimmy LeShock take the win on Lake Norman with 15.34 lbs! Thanks guys for coming out and supporting Cage!

Despite the cold rainy weather a good crowd showed for the 4th Annual Save Cage Tournament and over $5,000 was raised for Cage. Thanks guys for supporting a great cause!


Thanks to Keith Westrick for organizing this great event and the guy who’s always willing to help – Anthony Williams!



4th Annual
Save Cage
Lake Norman
33 TeamsBigTotalTotal
Jimmy LeShock – Chris Baumgardner4.4015.34$4,105.00
Steve Addington – Aaron Jordan2.6312.65$1,950.00
Steve Shaw – Rob Porter4.0011.79$570.00
Matt Haywood – Matt McBee3.6811.59$400.00
Matt Stanley – Donald Livergood4.1810.33$430.00
Drew Montgomery – Kenny Seagle3.3310.18$240.00
Hank Cherry – John Parker2.5210.18$110.00
Jason Wilson – Kelly Logan2.1210.00
Dylon Fulk – Adam Waters2.289.91
Rick Poplin – Maurice Freeze2.299.49
Jarrad Poarch – Stacey Richards2.459.34
Scott Beattie – Nick2.489.30
Don Poteat – John Allen0.009.27
Shane Lineberger – Anthony Johnson2.239.19
Jeff & Ben Hagger1.808.91
Allen Whitaker – John Miller2.188.86
Cody Jackson – Malcolm Dillon2.648.43
Scott Hamrick – Roger Hoover1.828.38
Dale Phillips2.267.73
Chris Anderson – Chris Teague1.597.50
Errol Ducket – Viet Bui2.296.30
Tommy Williams – Thomas Hardwick2.986.11
Mike Birsh – Roddie Blankenship0.005.97
Travis & Erin Tyndall0.005.09
Mike Ray2.494.21
Jerrod Hill – Shannon Bell0.002.55
Marty Williams – Phillip Hedrick0.000.00
Jesse West0.000.00
Morris Elliott0.000.00
Thomas Fox0.000.00
Pete Bejte – Doug Easton0.000.00
Bill Grier – Nick Wood0.000.00
Lee Endicott – Dale Surrett0.000.00


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