Chris Blanchette & Marc Proctor Win CATT Carolina Coastal River Trail Final April 27, 2019 Waccamaw River, SC

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We wrapped up the 1st CATT Carolina Coastal River Trail Saturday and we plan on doing it again in 2020! We’ll try to schedule at least another at Georgetown to spread it out more.

The 2019 Waccamaw River CATT Summer Trail starts up soon! Hope you will join us!

Qualifier 1May 18Bucksport
Qualifier 2June 22Bucksport
Qualifier 3July 13Georgetown – Carroll Campbell Landing – GOLD
Qualifier 4July 20Bucksport – GOLD
Qualifier 5August 3Bucksport
FinalAugust 17Bucksport

ALSO MARK YOUR CALENDAR! The 2019 Phantom Outdoors $5,000 Invitational is July 27th at Bucksport!


Presented by Phantom Outdoors Tournament Grade Fishing Apparel!


Bucksport Marina, Waccamaw River  July 27th

$5,000.00 1st Place

$200 Entry Fee  Blastoff # Determined by Order of Payment!

Platinum BONUS $100 (Paying 1 Place)

Gold BONUS $50 (Paying up to 3 Places)

Silver BONUS $25 (Paying up to 3 Places)

Qualify by Entering 1 CATT Event! (Finals Included) (Summer 2018, Fall 2019,  Spring, Summer 2019)

Paying 2 BF Places

Paying 1 Place for Every 6 Teams Entered! Raffle Items at Event!

Chris Blanchette – Marc Proctor take the win Saturday with 5 bass weighing 10.02 lbs good for $2,432.00!

Darren Williamson & Charles Freyer 2nd with 9.23 lbs!

Wade Cook – Brian Howard 3rd with 8.48 lbs!

Travis Gatlin – Grant Powell 1st Lews BF 3.51 lbs! They received a Lews Speed Stick!

CCR Point Winners Wesley Williamson & Kaleb Gerald

17 TeamsFishWeightWinnings
Chris Blanchette – Marc Proctor2.9010.02$2,423.00
Charles Freyer – Darren Williamson0.009.23$1,100.00
Wade Cook – Brian Howard0.008.48$615.00
Tim Barfield – Britt Brown0.007.86
Les Jordan – Jonah Elliott0.007.00
Tommy Collins – Avery Williams0.006.40
Travis Gatlin – Grant Powell3.515.99$112.00
Kaleb Gerald – Wesley Williamson0.004.61
Ron  & Sonya Terwilliger0.002.81
James Roy Robinson Jr. – William Gregory0.000.00
Donald McLaud0.000.00
Hunter Harrelson – Aston Cullick0.000.00
Winky Watford0.000.00
Greg Benton – Logan Benton0.000.00
Jessie Strickland – Jordan Gibson0.000.00
Colby Calhoun0.000.00
James Walter’s – Tim Williamson0.000.00
Total Entrys$2,560.00
BONUS $$375.00
2019 CCR Spring  Final Fund$1,275.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,450.00
Total Paid 2019  CCR$10,170.00


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