The last 2021 Fall Lake Murray Qualifier is this coming Saturday December 11th at Dreher Island! A team must enter 3 Fall Lake Murray events to be eligible to enter the Murray Fall Final December 18th! The Lake Murray Black Friday Open does count as one of the Fall events! You also could have fished solo or with a sub and that also will  count!

Chris Epting & Johnny Mayer took 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 20.25 lbs! They collected $1,275.00!

Andy Lake & Russ Padgett finished 2nd with 17.08 lbs!

Neil & Maddie Huffstetler claimed 3rd with 16.51 lbs!

Dylan Sills & Kevin Banks were 4th with 16.22 lbs and weigh the Academy BF at 6.05 lbs!

Ronnie Mueller & Michael Royals weighed in the 2nd BF at 5.58 lbs!

Johnny Mayer – Chris Epting5.2520.26$1,275.00110
Andy Lake – Russ Padgett4.4117.08$450.00109
Neil Huffstetler – Maddie Huffstetler4.7416.51$200.00108
Kevin Banks – Dylan Sills6.0516.22$260.00107
Ben Lee4.1814.04106
Jeremiah Jensen – Gage Spagnola3.5013.70105
Joey Sabbagha – Dalton Dowdy3.8913.06104
Will Alewine – Edgar Alewine3.5513.06103
Jeff Norris – Jacob Norris2.9012.82102
Ronnie Mueller – Michael Royals5.5812.64$60.00101
Jason Ries – Roger Mckee3.1012.63100
Bobby Martin – Mike Turner4.1012.0499
Wayne Wilson2.4210.0998
Jody Wright – Jay Wright0.000.0088
Darryl Starkey – Garrett Starkey0.000.0088
Rob Burris0.000.0088
Tim Richardson – Gerald Kelly0.000.0088
Hampton Anderson – Tyson Alvanos0.000.0088
Robert Pierce0.000.0088
Les Westberry0.000.0088
Total Entrys$2,400.00
BONUS $$$275.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,245.00
2021 Murray Fall Final Fund$330.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 Murray Fall Final Fund$1,135.00