Chris Minton & Kurt Honican weighed in a big sack of Roanoke River bass totaling up to 26.26 lbs! They took 1st place and the side pot and earned $2,550.00!

Phillip Gibson & Walt Goff took 2nd with 25.44 lbs and weighed in the Lews BF at 9.81 lbs!

Phillip with his $100 Lews/Strike King Gift Card

JA Williford & Jason Tripp with 23.80 lbs good enough for 3rd!

Will & Mike James 4th with 17.99 lbs!

Chris Minton – Kurt Honican6.0826.26$2,550.00
Walt Goff – Phillip Gibson9.8125.44$1,175.00
JA Williford – Jason Tripp8.0423.80$675.00
Will James – Mike James0.0017.99$300.00
Steve Vann – Skippy Lewis5.0417.00$200.00
Mike Edwards – Brent Edwards0.0016.50
Al Kennedy4.8116.09
Mike Ellis – Mark Faircloth0.0015.45
David Swain – Brad Hauser0.0015.44
Larry Thomas – Gerald Elks0.0014.90
James Ormond – Danny Flynn0.0013.88
Michael White – Dana Moore3.8613.22
Bobby Clark – Tommy Hughes0.0012.95
David Price2.9511.33
Paul King – Brad Stain0.0010.91
Matt Harrell – Justin Chappell0.0010.04
DR Thornton – Jerry Bragg0.009.43
Shane Zelazo – James Anderson0.005.94
Zeb West – Wayne Stallings0.000.00
Matthew Oakley0.000.00
Mike Layton – Marshall Williford0.000.00
Brian Stalls – Clark Harrington0.000.00
Joprdan Norris – Clayton Boyette0.000.00
Mike Green – Jeff Stoop0.000.00
Jacob Brown0.000.00