Next Lake Gaston CATT is August 1st at Summit Landing!

Anytime you fish a 23 boat field and win $1,644.00 I would say that’s a great day on the water! Chuck Murray & Randy Groves weighed in 15.53 lbs to take 1st place at Lake Gaston! 

Top weights were tight and measured by less than ounces…

  • 2nd place Danny Wicker and Doug Washburn…15.17lbs
  • 3rd Greg Fernandez & John Letusick …15.06 after DF penalty
  • 4th Tyler Dix ……13.68lbs….
  • Honorable mention at 5th…Alan Mitchell & Billy Patrick…13.47lbs…

Everyone did a good job at waiting for key fobs for weigh in, this allowed for Spacing and kept a steady flow of bags at the scales…

Thanks to everyone for doing their best to social distance and take care of our beautiful resource….

*** pay attention to Facebook and the CATT website as we plan to add on a make up Friday event sometime in JULY** …

Should have permit this week… STAY TUNED…

23 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Chuck Murray – Randy Groves4.6015.53$1,644.00110
Danny Wicker- Doug Washburn3.6215.17$765.00109
Greg Fernandez- John Letusick3.5015.06$370.00108
Tyler Dix4.4413.68$241.00107
Alan Mitchell- Billy Patrick3.1813.47106
Ron McMillian- Damian Nicholson3.3112.48105
Jt Palmore – Bobby Crisman0.0011.95104
Keith Joyce- Mark Roberson0.0011.75103
Chris Bishop- Wesley Bennett0.0011.37102
Adam Richardson- Gene Richardson3.1210.44101
Scott Griffin- Jay Allen0.0010.43100
Jay Wright0.0010.4199
Shane Doughtie0.0010.2598
Ivan Morris- Janet Morris0.009.7997
Scott Golden- Jessie Medlin0.009.6696
Garrison Vick – Abigail Leonard3.798.6795
Lee Allred- Eric Massey0.008.5794
Bobby Peeden- TJ Myrick3.856.0993
Greg Krop- Dave Fowler0.000.0092
David Collins- Jacob Falhauer0.000.0092
Clay Ausley – Ken McNeil0.000.0092
Brandon Hendricks- Kenny Miller0.000.0092
Josh Lanaville- Timmy Davis0.000.0092
Total Entrys$2,760.00
BONUS $$800.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,020.00
Gaston 2020 Final Fund$320.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2020 Gaston Final Fund Total$320.00
2020 CATT Championships Fund Total$4,025.00


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