Tournament Results James River Sept 14, 2019 Clayton Robens & Mike Little Win With 20.25 lbs! $2,420.00! Trey Goodman & Tim Chaffin Win The Points!

We have 59 teams eligible to enter the James River Final Oct 5-6! If we can get them all to show we’re looking at a purse totaling over $13,000.00! 1st Place is taking home a minimum of $5,000.00!

Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment Note- Top 3 in points blast off top 3 position!
Must fish 4 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final
Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification
You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final!

We wrapped up the James River Points Saturday!

1st Place Trey Goodman – Tim Chaffin  FREE Entry at all 2020 James River Qualifier and Blast Off #1  $840.00 Value PLUS $500.00 CASH!

2nd Place Chris Atwell – Gary Atwell $250.00 Cash

3rd Ray Hogge – Donnie Daniel $150.00 Cash

Clayton Robens & Mike Little weighed in 5 bass at 20.25 lbs and weighed the 1st BF at 7.17 lbs! They took home a total of $2,420.00!

2nd went to Trey Goodman & Tim Chaffin with 17.70 lbs! They took home $1,000.00!

Charles James finished 3rd with 15.85 lbs and earned $675.00!

Check out the full results!

60 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
clayton robens and mike little7.1720.25$2,420.00220
trey goodman tim chaffin6.0017.70$1,000.00219
charles james0.0015.85$675.00218
joe carr5.5415.54$560.00217
chris bryant and matt dunnigan0.0015.30$425.00216
burley and brian langford5.2414.86$315.00215
ryan and wayne drewery0.0014.85$250.00214
jerry heffler and josh waggy0.0014.44$530.00213
anthony and harrison baker0.0014.15$180.00212
jeff valentine and daryl moody0.0013.90$330.00211
andy semenco wayne andrews2.8913.39$130.00210
william allan and mike martinez6.5913.08$300.00209
zach and larry whit0.0012.65208
brandon hill and kevin king0.0012.28207
eddie griggs and eric rowe0.0012.21206
david and kyle owen0.0011.99205
luke and donald carson0.0011.87204
nelson marshall and ron studder0.0011.82203
jamie nealy and greg ball0.0011.82202
mickey anderson and bo boltz0.0011.76201
josh wright and kelly pratt0.0011.69200
ray hooge donnie daniel0.0011.66199
caleb burruss0.0011.47198
Milk and Cookies0.0010.99197
donnie bowman mike wright0.0010.86196
matt chisolm and todd fisher0.0010.86195
dave carney and andy bollhust0.0010.79194
john barnes and ryan barksdale0.0010.67193
doug wharton and darrel smith0.0010.59192
guy fairweather and jarred williams0.0010.37191
liedy clark and ricky west0.0010.36190
michael taylor and chris weaver0.0010.27189
bobby and robby harris4.6910.05188
duane hodge and brad colgen0.009.96187
 tri nguyen and turner hart0.009.91186
chris and gary atwell0.009.90185
will vickory and dee kid0.009.83184
audie murphy and monte aleman0.009.59183
bubba whitehurst and parker hinks0.009.57182
mike shears and eastwood0.009.20182
ben knapp and rodney mason0.008.35180
harvey reece anthony weithers0.008.34179
roger williams and david fox0.008.08178
chris burnett and chris powell0.008.00177
william clement and james cornett0.007.65176
bryan keane0.006.49175
wayne taylor and john doyle0.006.01174
lance taylor and steve webb0.003.84173
stacy vasser0.003.20172
mike hinkley matt pulley0.000.00171
craig fagan torry aiken0.000.00171
mike green and dylan gore0.000.00171
marshall johnson and ryan lachinet0.000.00171
ted lempke and william woodle0.000.00171
robert godsey and jack oliva0.000.00171
charles kline and jay griffin0.000.00171
jimmy and ralpoh taylor0.000.00171
ethan morrison and jt hart0.000.00171
matthew kitt0.000.00171
scott rodgers and micah mitten0.000.00171
marcuss chandler and john mansini0.000.00171
jerry britt and howard austin0.000.00171
Total Entrys$7,200.00
BONUS $$550.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,115.00
James River 2019 Final Fund$475.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$60.00
2019 James River Final Fund Total$3,760.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$355.00


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