Tournament Results Santee Cooper May 5, 2018 29.05 WINS!

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Guys, we’ve had another huge Spring on Santee Cooper!

We have the May 12th Santee Cooper Spring Final left! This coming weekend at John C Land ! We have 139 teams eligible to enter! Remembers you only had to enter 1 Santee Qualifier to be eligible for the Santee Final! Derrick is planning a Summer and a Fall Trail and I’ll have the schedules posted soon!

Carolina Post Frame is awarding the 2018 CATT Santee Cooper Spring Point Winners $500.00! Support them guys as they are supporting us! Gary Elsey & Mark Hutson are our 2018 CATT Santee Cooper Spring Trail Point winners and they will earn the $500 Carolina Post Frame cash award! Great Job guys!

Cole Drummond & Danny Shanz take the win this past Saturday at Blacks Camp with 5 bass weighing 29.05 lbs and took home $1,680.00!

2nd went to Brandon Riley & Marc Deschenes with a limit weighing 25.78 lbs and they also took home the BONUS $! All total they received $1,525.00!

Lex Costas & Xan Costas took home the 1st Academy BF money with a 7.95 lbs bass! They collected a total of $308.00 and an Academy Gift card!

 42 TeamsBigTotal  
Cole Drummond – Danny Shanz6.8829.05$1,680.00220
Brandon Riley – Marc Deschenes   BONUS $6.9925.78$1,525.00218
Bryan Cook – Steve Harmon6.1521.46$525.00216
Freddie Gibbs – Clark Gibbs6.8520.33$400.00214
Lex Costas – Xan Costas   1st BF7.9519.18$308.00212
Chad Cook – Allen Williams5.5620.08$300.00210
Ray Walsh – Wayne Frierson6.0819.80$225.00208
Brent Waynick – Emment McCauley5.3919.37$180.00206
Mark Hutson – Gary Elsey6.1419.35$140.00204
Jesse Williams – Ryan Steen    2nd BF7.4918.86$132.00202
Sid Fowler – Todd Smith0.0019.10200
Robert Clarke – Lonnie Jones0.0018.93198
Wade Grooms0.0018.91196
Chuck Howard – Ken Ellis4.7818.75194
Mike Watson – Craig McFadden5.3418.58192
Ryan Bowles – Jason Barrett0.0018.37190
Horace Scott – Horace Scott Jr4.6018.14188
Randall Miller – Mac Altman0.0017.95186
David Benenhaley – Michael Cox0.0016.63184
Johnny Player – John Gardenhire0.0015.66182
Brett Mitchell – Jerry Montjoy0.0014.47180
Elvis Peagler – Brian Peagler0.0014.42178
Ed Paul – Eddie Paul0.0014.29176
Shai Haley – TJ Anderson0.0013.70174
Jamie Glasscock6.5013.52172
Ted Urquhart – John Ford5.5312.48170
Max Terry – Bugzy Terry0.0011.88168
Perry Holloway – Cash Holloway0.009.41166
Ron Brown – Buddy Robertson0.009.32164
Hugh McCutchen – Jamie Blackburn0.000.00162
Brad Swartz – Brad Miller0.000.00162
Todd Olds – jason Riley0.000.00162
Mark Curry – Glenn Curry0.000.00162
Winkey Watford – Scott Mixon0.000.00162
Randall Drew – Brett Fields0.000.00162
Mitch Drew – Kenny Drew0.000.00162
Cooper Hopkins0.000.00162
Donnie McCord – Sean Collins0.000.00162
Jason Miles – Andy Rutledge0.000.00162
Hunter Hoffmeyer – Thomas Hoffmeyer0.000.00162
Jason Morse – Calton Holloway0.000.00162
Danny Lowery – Ava Lowery0.000.00162
Total Entrys  $5,040.00 
BONUS $  $700.00 
Total Paid At Ramp  $5,415.00 
Santee Cooper 2018 Spring Final Fund  $325.00 
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $25.00 
2018 Santee Cooper Spring Final Fund Total  $3,265.00 
2018 CATT Championship Fund Total  $4,430.00 


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