Craig & Tim Haven win CATT Wateree Open May 11,2019 with 19.42 lbs


Next Wateree Open is May 25th! With the water level finally stable we see there is still plenty of  Water Willow or “grass” as most call it growing along the banks again! It’s in patches but there’s plenty of it! Hopefully the lake can not suffer anymore flooding this year and next Spring. If that happens the fishing will start improving. Yesterday the fishing was very good for just about all the teams. 22 of the 23 teams weighed in a limit which averaged 15.23 lbs per team and total weight was 335.22 lbs. The average BF was 4.01 lbs!

The team with the top weight was Tim & Craig Haven! They brought in 5 bass weighing 19.42 lbs and weighed the 1st BF as well. All total the Havens took home $1,299.00!


2nd Place went to Jason Bateman & Steve Phillips with 5 bass weighing 18.68 lbs!

3rd Ronnie & Jason McCoy 18.10 lbs!

4th Jerry Freezon 18.07 lbs!

23 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Craig Haven – Tim Haven5.6319.42$1,299.00110
Jason Bateman – Steve Phillips5.0618.68$350.00109
Jason McCoy – Ronnie McCoy5.2818.10$266.00108
Jerry Freezon4.1318.07$144.00107
Jeff Norris – Jacob Norris4.2817.68106
Lee Royson – Jeff Reynolds4.4816.63105
Alan Fletcher – Donald Hinson **3.6716.47104
Chad Rabon – Walt Almond3.7316.00103
Max Price4.4915.95102
Michael Richardson -Shane Cantley4.0015.84101
Jonny Player – John Gardenhre3.6715.76100
Chad Gainey – Todd Butler4.0115.5499
Bobby Purvis3.6414.9198
Scott Williams – Robbie English4.2814.5697
Chris Wells -Woody Woodworth3.4414.5196
Greg Atkinson – Anitra Atkinson4.6614.1695
Brett Collins – Brad Petway4.3413.7394
Rick Corn Sr – Rick Corn3.4913.6693
David Canupp & David Canupp3.8213.4492
Scott Floyd – Greg Corvin2.7512.5891
Calvin Griggs – Jimmy McFarland2.899.9590
Walter Knotts – Wayne Cook2.489.6189
Mike Ellis – Mark Faircloth0.000.0088
Chris Sullivan0.000.0088
2019 Wateree Open Final Fund$450.00
2019 Wateree Open Final Fund Total$1,890.00
2019 Wateree Open Point Fund$675.00
**2018 Point Winners Free Entry
2019 Pt Winners Receive Free Entry 2019
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$


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